Embaressed Too Much Weight

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tubs - October 29

Okay, I am a fairly tall person, and weighed what is considered underweight for my heighth, before I got pregnant. (5'8" 110lb) Then, as soon as I found out I was, I sort of panicked, because I was underweight, and everyone usually bugs me about it. So I gained an insane amount of weight - I'm now almost seven months and I've gained about 40 pounds. I realize I can't diet, it's just there now - but all those people who went on and on about, "oh you're too skinny" are super quick to tell me how fat I am. A woman at work actually had the nerve to ask if I've been tested for gestational diabetes, because I just look so bloated. It's driving me nuts. Anyone else dealing with this?!


Raychel - October 29

Yea me! Even though I wasnt tall, (I'm only 5"2) i was underweight also. I Weighed 108 b4 pregnancy. Now I'm 30 weeks, and I have gained 40 pds. And even my doctor (which was a male, don't it figure!) told me I was "getting to fat and I needed to cut back on the eating". The nerve! But now I'm looking at it like this. I'll gain whatever the hell I have to, as long as I have a healthy baby! Even if I have to gain a ton! Nature is making me gain all this, so there must be a reason! And to people who the have the d__n nerve to tell u how fat you're getting or u looking bloated, lol I've been telling people "I'm overweight and I still look better than u." That usually shuts them up.


pbj - October 29

I'm 36 weeks and I've already gained 47 lbs, luckily my doctor has not said a single word about it. He just told me he would let me know when and if my weight became a problem. Don't worry about it, if you're an active person you will loose it after you have your baby. Just try to eat as healthy as you can and try to stay as active as possible. Good luck


Kelly - October 29

Hi Tubs (I don't really mean that ) :), but before I got pregnant I was 125 lbs, gained 55 pounds and after I had him I went down to 114...... and stayed that way. I didn't think that it was possible for me to gain that much wait, I wouldn't worry about it, I sure you are healthy...


jb - October 29

I would just ignore all the other people. I know what you are talking about. Being pregnant makes people think they can talk about your body and weight and not offend you. All women are weight consicous especially during pregnancy, so their comments really get to us. Since you were underweight before I dont think your weight is a problem. Just smile and know that they were probably jealous of you before b/c you were so thin. And you will be that way again, Im sure.



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