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shygirl - November 22

hi... this is a bit of an embarrassing question but I have recently got an itchy bottom hole... really really itchy, I'm 30 weeks preg and just wondered if anyone else has this. I'm far too embarrassed to ask my doc.


Karen - November 22

It's probably hemorrhoids - which is totally normal when your'e pregnant. You can get something over the counter to relieve them - but really, don't be embarressed to talk about it with your doctor.


belle - November 22

Yeast can cause an itchy bum. Have you been eating a lot of sugar?


pinworm infection - November 22

This infection is caused by a small, white intestinal worm called Enterobius vermicularis (EN-ter-O-be-us ver-MIK-u-lar-is). Pinworms are about the length of a staple and live in the rectum of humans. While an infected person sleeps, female pinworms leave the intestines through the a__s and deposit eggs on the surrounding skin. What are the symptoms of a pinworm infection? Itching around the a__s, disturbed sleep, and irritability are common symptoms. If the infection is heavy, symptoms may also include loss of appet_te, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping. Symptoms are caused by the female pinworm laying her eggs. Most symptoms of pinworm infection are mild; many infected people have no symptoms.


what? - November 23

pinworm infection? whatever man....shygirl, it's probably just hemrrhoids. i had them when i was about 32 weeks and they went away a few weeks after...it's from the pressure of the baby. don't listen to the symptoms of the pinworms either, pregnancy can cause disturbed sleep and irritability also. that's just a silly a__sumption...something more for you to be paranoid about.


Hey - November 23

I thought of the worms, too. Kids get emall the time. Don't be afraid to talk to you doctor. I don't think it is serious in either case!


shygirl - November 23

thanks guyzs for all replies. I gonna talk to my doc later this aft.



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