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s - November 23

I know this question is quite embarassing but I just like to know that is it possible to pooh while you are on labor, I mean while you are pushing?


L - November 24

I watched a Birth & it is possible for a small amount to be released. But do not be embara__sed as it does happen & you can't help it when pushing.


S - November 24

My friends doctor told her to try and poo while she was pushing. She advised me to maybe clean house before pushing time :) So as to avoid a even more messier situation.


j - November 24

It is actually VERY common and although it seems embara__sing now, the nurses are used to it and won't make you feel badly if it happens. Also, when you are in labor that is going to be the LAST thing you will be worrying about. Your Doctors and nurses are trained professionals (I would hope) and will deal with the situation with dignity and grace. Don't be embara__sed if it happens.


Shelly - November 24

It does happen all the time,and when youare in labor that will be the least of your concern!!


Debi - November 25

My first baby was my only v____al delivery and I pooped alot while pushing and couldn't have cared less. It is very common and the nurses quietly whisk away the pads that are underneath you. Years ago they used to give women enemas but it's not a common practice anymore. I know that it sounds like a horrible thing but I don't think that when the time comes it will be your main concern. You have to use all the muscles and you can't help it so don't worry. If I had thought about it before I was in the hospital I probably would have been horrified, but like they say sh*t happens :) Good luck!


D - November 26

Yup, it can happen, and I don't know why on the birth stories on tv they are always so....clean. With my daughter they told me I could start pushing on the toilet if I wanted. That helped, but suprise, there was still more where that came from! Like the others have said, it's nothing the nurses and doctors haven't seen before!


Lissi - November 26

Yes S. I did. It was impossible not too, cos I just had to get that baby out! I really didn't care at the time though. I just wanted it all to be over. I wouldn't even have noticed if it weren't for my husband giving me a mischeivous smile as the midwife discretely tried to dispose of it!


J - November 27

Take heart, I have had 3 kids and it has never happened to me...during labor your body cleans house!


Stephanie - November 28

I just had my baby on sept. 26th and I don't think i pooped while I was pushing her, but let me tell you....I pooped the whole time I was in labor. It got to the point where I stopped trying to get up and go to the bathroom! I just pooped right there in bed or on my bouncie ball!! lol...trust me you won't care if you poop or not.


Vanaseregwen - November 28

Have you seen the cutaway version of the pregnant lady in your doc's office? The birth ca___l and poop shoot are parallel. If there is anything in there, the baby's head will compress your bowel like a tube of toothpaste. I was really concerned about it when I had my son. Turns out, I got the runs for about 24 hours before and I cleaned myself out! This time I'm more concerned about stinky feet and gorilla legs! It's hard to reach either one anymore!!!


Nikki - November 28

I pooped like crazy and was so out of it, I even commented on how bad it stunk. This was my biggest fear, but when you are finally there, you don't care about anything! But I was a little embara__sed.


maya - November 29

really??????? oh my.. I'm telling my hubby to stay out then.


~m~ - November 29

Oh my! I had C-sections with both of my sons. I have wished that I could have experienced v____al birth, but now I'm not sure anymore.... LOL! Just kidding, birth is a beautiful thing in any shape, size, or form! Good luck s!



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