Emotional Upset

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HunnieBunch - May 7

can emotional upset hurt my baby?


Stace - May 7

I take the view that while it cant help you only have to see how many babies have been born during wars and in the most horrific of situations to show that it cant be that bad for it. I hope you find peace with whatever upset you have had and wish you all the best. xxxxxxxx Stace


torbman - May 7

I don't think that it can physically hurt, however be careful cause stress can be a factor in babies being born early. Take care.


livdea - May 7

from what I know of my sister and the emotional unstability of my mom while carrying her...yeah, our emotions while carrying a baby are directly related to things down the road for when baby is born, growing up, and a grown person. I studied abnormal child pyschology for 2 years and though I'm NO expert in the field it was OFTEN discussed about how our anxiety, stress, depression, etc affects a fetus in utero and after wards in their lives. Baby feels the emotions you feel, that's why its so important to have a happy, calm, positive pregnancy. Its not all just about what you eat and what vitamins you take. And it doesn't mean that you wont have a healthy baby but think about how much you are affected by stress, depression and all that. My sister has serious pyscholgy problems since she was young and all the dr's take it back to the trama my mom dealt with while carrying her. She was physically and emotionally abused, abandoned and went through a great deal of stress and depression, and my sisters father hated her and did not want her to exsists. Thankfully my momma got out of that horrible situation, but still to this day they believe thats what's caused my sister to feel her unacceptedness and has helped fuel her major depression throughout her life. Though that is extreme, I still feel like any emotional unstabilty (which to a degree is normal in pregnancy!!!) is directly pa__sed on to baby. Okay, I've typed a book!



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