Emotional Wreck 2day Please Help

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Lucky1-aka-emotional2day - January 12

I am going through so many emotions today. I have been contemplating leaving my DH and I am angry, sad and I really want to cry but I'm at work. DH hasn't even done anything, I am just mad at him for no reason and I know that theres no reason to be mad. I Love him, and I don't know why I am feeling this emotional today. I haven't told him, He'll think I'm nuts..... I just woke up very angry with him, I just don't like him right now. And I don't know why. Has any of you been going through any crazy emotions? I am 5 wks 6days and I don't know if it's the hormones or what. What can I do to calm down? -Lucky1


Christine - January 12

Oh yes this happens..try to hang in there...You said you love him and he has done nothing so just keep reminding yourself...the first three months will be the worst with emotional outbursts...try to sit him down and talk to him about it when your feeling a little better...and appoligize now for later..lol...I'm going into my 7th month now and still have them...one minute I'm happy and wirey..and the next I feel like choking people for no reason...it will pa__s...good luck


Lucky1 - January 12

Thanks Christine ____ :~(( I


lucky1 - January 12

Thanks m, I got it. I just hope I get over these crazy feelings....


Lucky1 - January 12

Hey, just an update. I think that I was just cranky this morning because I feel a lot better. Since I just got back from lunch, I think that it may have just been that I was really hungry. These days I go from being full to feeling like I'm starving, Theres no in between. Thanks for the support. Oh and I usually drink a lot of Iced Tea and I've been trying to cut down on the caffiene, yesterday was my first Caffiene free day, That may be another reason, but I gave in and had some sweet Iced Tea at lunch! :~))


r - January 12

Hi Lucky1, I'm glad yu are feeling better this afternoon. But I have to tell you about my cousine. When she was pregnant she really did not like her husband...she didn't like any men at all. She thought they all smelled funny and could not sit beside a man to eat at all. Her poor husband had to go bath and shower right after work before saying hi to her or even giving her a kiss. But as long as you know deel down you love him things will be fine. :o)



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