Emotionless Man

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Phoebe - March 21

Does your hubby, bf, or SO seem emotionless about your pregnancy? I am all excited running around... Asking questions, and he doesn't even seem to care less. Sometimes I think... I will probably be the only one who my kid wants to be around, because I love watching cartoons, going out in the sun, going to the toy store... It just seems a little sad. He will be with my baby alone when I am at work, but I home s/he won't be neglected and left alone. It sucks when you don't have a guy who talks alot.. so starting a conversation about this won't be pointless... I guess I just have to call him up every minute to make sure that they are doing something together when baby is awake...


Worried man - March 21

Well coming from a man I think your husband is very happy. Men in general tend to be emotionless. I think men are afraid to appear weak. Men some how feel that if they show emotions they will be seem as weak man. Give him respect, men love respect. Acknowledge him with words of affirmation for example tell him that you are glad you are having a baby together.You make me so proud and so on. Men like to feel that they are worth something. I was scared when our daughter was born, but I built a really strong relationship with her since she was very young. Reagrds


JLorenzo - March 22

Another man here. I wasn't bouncing off the walls when my wife told me either. I was excited, but nervous and scared as well. Don't judge what will happen between husband and baby based only on his actions during pregnancy. My guess is he will adjust and enjoy when he meets the little one.


natalie - March 22

I had an emotionless boyfriend for almost two years, we didn't have children together, but I certainly know the feeling of being in a relationship with someone who doesn't talk at all, or show emotion. I'm sure you love him, and wish that he'd share your enthusiasm as outwardly as you show it. Maybe just keep in mind what the guys, who replied to your post said. And maybe ask him what he is thinking about. Is he happy, but scared? Maybe think about the qualities that attract you to him and let him know that those are the same wonderful things that your baby will love about him as well. I found that my emotionless ex was just generally fearful, and things would get better if I rea__sured him of his greatness. Don't know if this will help, but I feel for you! Good Luck!!


Heidi - March 22

Once the baby is born it'll be different. I've seen men who I thought would make TERRIBLE fathers, turn out to be the best fathers! So don't worry too much right now.


Phoebe - March 22

Thanks for the advice everyone... especially from the guys, and I will try what you said... :)


Don't worry - March 22

I think that is totally normal. Men don't like to exhibit their emotions like we do. On the other hand, if it were someone like my brother and his wife, who have tried to conceive for a long time, well, lets just say that you would have thought he was the one carrying the baby, literally. Some men are less emotional than others, but whe the big days does come he might chnage into super daddy.


~S~ - March 22

I don't think he's unhappy, most men don't seem to show their emotions the same as women do...My bf isn't bouncing off the walls like I am, he doesn't get excited when it comes to baby shopping, as I do...he's not constantly calling me to tell me how happy he is because the baby moved or soforth...I show my happiness differently than he does. When i get happy and excited he gets a warm smile on his face and will say something like "I've never seen anyone so happy before" and at night, he'll rub my belly and sometimes, kiss it. I belive this is his way of showing his happiness and excitment. In the beginning I used to say things like "Why do I feel like your not as excited as me????" but that in turn started to put pressure on him, I had to understand that they way he expresses it is different that how I express it. But it doesn't mean it's any less. My gf who is also pregnant felt the same way with her husband, but she later realized that he too expresses his happiness differently. Men usually don't get all excited about teeny tiny pampers and little booties collecting in the baby room, as women do. =o)


Conswaila - March 23

My husband sais he is excited about the pregnancy but he isn't showing it much. He has told people but he seems to get upset when my family gets excited or if I talk about it much. This is our first child so I don't know if he is just scared or wasn't ready yet. I'm hoping he'll come around soon.



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