Emotions Gone Nuts

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M - March 8

For anyone who has been pregnant, very early in your pregnancy, maybe even before you knew, were you extra emotional? I don't know if I'm pregnant or not, but I feel like I could cry at any second for absolutely no reason.


trish - March 8

well i cant exactly recall when i started feeling uncontrollably emotional. I am now 18 weeks and still am very b___hy at times. Its pretty bad when you can see that you are way out there, before others. Its one of the many joys of pregnancy! take care


Billie - March 8

I didn't get too emotional in the beginning. I am mostly just crabby. Ok... seriously, I'm a b___h at times. Any little thing will p__s me off. Like this morning for instance. I laid out my uniform items last night before I went to bed so I wouldn't forget it in the morning. Well, my husband took some of those items and left for work. (we use the same items cuz we are both in the military) I was so frickin' mad and I didn't calm down until about 2 hours later. Then when I went home for lunch, I dropped my chocolate shake on the floor. I took it out on my cat who had nothing to do with it. He wasn't even around at the time. He came later when I was cleaning it up! Maybe, I'm just having a bad day or maybe it's these d__n hormones. I don't know!!!


<Amy> - March 8

I was very emotional but now just find myself being really b___hy n defensive towards everyone even my best mate and i hate it!


beth - March 8

yes i was actually soo crazy but didnt realize it. my husband asked me if i was leaving him because i was so nuts


Kay - May 28

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I feel more emotional than before I was pregnant.


Lissi - May 28

My temper has been worse pretty much from day 1 of my pregnancy. I snap at the slightest little thing and have been real b___h to my husband. Then I feel guilty about it and can't stop crying. I've been crying over stupid things that would never usually bother me either. Even the most innocent, meaningless pop song on the radio can trigger it off. The other day I had the radio on and "It's friday I'm in love" by The Cure came on. I suddenly burst into tears and had to turn it off. Don't ask me why, cos I just don't know. That song means nothing to me!



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