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monique - May 4

Is crying to much while pregnant bad for the baby. Me and my bf argue alot and im very sensitive and i am four months pregnant and i cry alot.


April - May 4

Since you're pregnant you're already emotional... so you're going to have to expect yourself to cry a bit. Stress isn't that good on the baby, but just try not to worry about it. My boyfriend dumped me for another girl when I was 4 months pregnant... needless to say I've cried a LOT since I've been pregnant... for a while there I cried every day. I'm not 7 months pregnant and the doctors say my baby is VERY healthy. So don't worry about the crying, just try to take care of yourself.


April - May 4

^^ I meant i'm "now 7 months pregnant" not i'm "not 7 months"... I really wish this site had an edit b___ton... oh.. and I don't know if this'll help you or not... but for some odd reason it always helped me to watch the ultrasound video... i'd be crying hysterically and i'd pop that in and it'd calm me right down... I love my baby :)


Maddie - May 5

Things aren't perfect in life, even if they SHOULD be. Pregnancy is one of those times when everything should be perfect, but unfortunately it's not. Me and my, THEN boyfriend (now husband) used to argue a lot during the first couple of months. Mostly because I had to just give up the weekend parties and drinking...and he continued to do so. The drinking mainly was the problem. We would argue all the time, he would be drunk and I would cry, and cry, and cry. Things have honestly gotten better since we got married, and now we're actually living together. Hopefully, youre b/f knows you shouldn't be stressed, so maybe he'll try to comfort you more when you get upset. Just keep reminding him that you shouldn't have to feel upset during pregnancy, it's bad for HIS and your baby. It always helps me to rub my belly and know that there's a litte baby boy growing inside of my body.



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