End Of Morning Sickness

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singlem0m - May 30

Hey everyone? Can someone tell me when morning sickness stopped for them or a friend? I'm desperate for mine to stop and I tried to research it a bit on the internet and all I can seem to find is "its different for every woman". Which I realize is true but I would definitely like to know time periods. Thanks for feedback!


olivia - May 30

For me 10 weeks to the day for both. They usually say 10-12 weeks for most women. Good luck!


singlem0m - May 30

thanks Olivia! That makes me really happy b/c I am 9 weeks right now. If it ends at 10 weeks I'll dance :)


annie24 - May 30

hi, for my first pregnancy it stopped at 14weeks, second preg now and its stopped at 12 weeks. hang in there. i know it seems like it will never end but some morning soon you will wake up feeling 'normal' if youre like me it will be the best day of 2006 until baby arrives!!


singlem0m - May 30

You're right Annie, that will definitely be the best day for me. Thanks for replying


DrK - May 30

morning sickness in most subsides when the placenta takes over hormone production (around 12 weeks, i think). Mine stopped along with the fatigue around 10 weeks. It really helps to keep a constant flow of good calories in your system to maintain blood sugar....even if you dont feel like eating. Good luck


CyndiG - May 30

Mine stopped at 16 weeks. I know, I'm sorry to be a party pooper! Through the whole pregnancy though I've really not had much of an appet_te. Then around 30 weeks m/s came back for about 2 weeks. I'm 33 weeks now and could eat my way through the world! :O} Good luck, hope it ends soon! It's the worst part of being pregnant!


singlem0m - May 30

Thanks for that info DrK, I didn't know thats what stopped it. Geez CindiG....I don't wanna wait that long :) hehehe. I definitely think its the worst part of being prego so far. I don't see how anything (except for labor) can be worse than this. Thank you both for the info!


LILMAMA - May 31



sophandbob - May 31

begin ning of the 2nd Trimester i've heard, but I am afraid it def does vary from woman to woman. Have you tried remedies. Ginger rwally worked for me, especially ginger pop.


JESS1980 - May 31

Mine didn't stop until 25 weeks! Sorry!


singlem0m - May 31

AHHHH Jess! Don't tell me that :) Hey LilMama, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Maybe I'll get lucky and start feeling better soon. Sophandbob, I've tried everything, ginger just made me get sick more unfortunately. The only thing that helps are lemons :)



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