Enormous Baby

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JLorenzo - April 11

Here is the deal. My wife has gestational diabetes and we are in our 36th week. We had a sonogram on Friday and the baby weighs in at 6lbs 11 ounces ALREADY!!! Now perhaps the sonogram is not that accurate, but holy c__p that is a big baby at this stage, at least according to websites. Our due date has been moved from 5/12 to 5/3. Does anyone think we will be induced? Because the doctor doesn't want the baby over 8lbs. But the way the baby is gaining weight, that may be at 4:00 today!


.... - April 11

hahahaha your gonna have a fat b___d for a baby!


JLorenzo - April 11

Thank you for your intellectual insight. Now please go back to the drive through window. You have a customer who may want his #3 supersized...


Shannon - April 11

My coworker just had a baby girl that was over 9 lbs - she is a big baby girl! Her doctor was not concerned at all! She had gestational diabetes. Does that help? Also, sorry to ask this - did she get gestational diabetes because she was overweight when she got pregnant? i am overweight and worry about diabetes! :)


JLorenzo - April 11

Shannon, thanks! She got GD because her doctor said she was 34. That is common in women around that age evidently. Don't worry too much about it though. If you do have it, you will get even better care.


Liz - April 11

Just out of curiousity why doesn't your doc. want a baby over 8 lbs? Usually they worry more about under weight babies. I had a very healthy girl at 8 lbs. 13 oz.


JLorenzo - April 11

Liz, Doctor doesn't want the baby too big because of increased chances of birth trauma. Baby could be too big and rip up the v____al opening. Nasty right?!


Jenn.. - April 11

I think it is strange that your doc doesn't want the baby over 8lbs. I know many women in my family who have 8lb+ babies with no problem. Your baby will definately be on the larger side though, I heard they gain between 1/2-1 lb in the last month. They probably will induce or want a cesarian by about 39 weeks, that is my uneducated guess ;)


Liz - April 11

Your talking to a woman that had an episiotomy. It was too comfy, let me tell you. But, it did heal properly. I am 5'9" and my hubby is 6'3" so we weren't expecting a tiny baby anyhow. great luck to you and your wife!


Jenn - April 11

oops...that was 1/2-1lb per week in the last month.


JLorenzo - April 11

Thanks ladies...my wife and I were both big when born, not that it has anything to do with it. I think the Dr. is just being diligent and perhaps a bit over concerned. But if she says it is necessary to induce, we will do so! Weird that in a few weeks, I will have a baby!


Liz - April 11

my post was suppose to say "WASN'T" too comfy.:)


tiffani - April 11

Josh~ My doctor estimated my daughter to be "atleast 10lbs" when I went in for my 38 week appointment. My stomach was huge!! I did not have GD. I was induced at 40 weeks and 3 days. The induction was difficult and resulted in a C section after 3 days of labor that failed to progress. I got all the way to 9 1/ 2 cm, but would not dialate to 10cm. Who knew how much a 1/2 cm meant to the actual birthing process. My daughter weighed 8lbs 3 oz, so you can see how wrong doctors are at guessing, especially when they do it by feeling the outside of your stomach. Research shows a increased risk of C section when induced, so if you and your wife have any say, try to hold out untl the baby is ready. Maybe your first will be born on May 8th, the birthday of my first. Good luck my friend. :o)


JLorenzo - April 11

Thanks Tiffani for the good information! I get the feeling they will induce my wife on 5/3. You are right though. Doctors really can't predict fetal weight all that well!


Andrea - April 11

My doc has told me it is not the size of the baby that matters (with in reason). Everything has to do with the size of the mother. I am six feet tall and have a average build for that height. My first daughter was 8.5 lbs and my second daughter was 9.12 lbs. I did not have any trouble delivering v____ally at all. My sister who is five feet two inches tall was too small to deliver her 6lb son. Maybe your doc is concerned about your wifes ability to deliver a baby that is over 8lbs. He is probably just wants her to have a safe and uncomplicted delivery. Hope that helps :o)


Maleficent - April 11

my doctor told me my daughter would be 9 lbs and i should htink about a c-section. i told him no. she was 7lbs. and over all, the weight isn't what matters most, it's head size. i'd rather have a big baby than an iduction, but that's just me.


CEM - April 11

hi JLorenzo......i was induced with my first at around 42 weeks, and he was still huge (9lbs. 13oz.)! my second came on his own at 40 weeks, and he was huge too (9lbs.5oz.). i think if a baby was meant to be big, it'll be big no matter what. just for the record, being induced was a very unpleasant experience compared to letting things happen on their own. i also think the baby suffers too. women's bodies were built to accomodate the birth of their own children, whether they be 5 or 10 lbs.!! i say you tell that doctor to leave you, your wife, and your baby alone----unless, of course, there are other more serious considerations to be taken. i wish you all the best.



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