Enormous Turds

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Not saying! - May 27

Anyone else had this problem? I'm well into my second trimester and apart from being horribly constipated at times, over the last 2 weeks, I've managed to block the toilet 3 times! It's so embarrasing! I know there's nothing wrong with the flush because it only happens to me. Anyone else finding that they are producing larger and heavier amounts of c__p?


.....me either..... - May 27

but i know what you mean.....most of the time my poop is like green....(tmi)....I guess because of the vitamins...but the other week i went to the bathroom # 2....and it hurt really bad...it's like i gave birth to a HUGE terd! When I was done, i wiped and had blood on the tp and when I looked in the toilet.......well all I can say is I can't believe it went down......after 3 flushes!!!!! lol


andie - May 27

you guys are so silly!!!!! Happened to me b 4 too! lollollol!


Ummm.... - May 27

I haven't plugged any toilets but I've had some pretty painful ones come out and found blood on the tp also!!! Ouch!


m - May 27

lol! pregnant women can talk about anything! HUH? All I can say is "it must be nice!!" I'd love to pa__s a huge one... I always wonder, where in the world is all that food going!? It needs to come out!


Ummmm.... - May 27

I can relate. I'll go days without going and I eat quite a bit and it's like, where is it storing all that? Scary! I'm not very regular so when I finally do go, it's like 3-4 times in one day. It sucks! Some days I get pretty bloated.


completely understand - May 27

When i was in my 2nd trimester I had the same situation. It would be so hard to release and it hurt, but felt so good to get out of me...lol. Anyhow many times my turds were larger than the hole in the toilet. How embara__sing! The plunger had to be brought out many times. Don't worry it won't last, at least it didn't for me... Hardly any solid anymore.


Not saying! - May 27

They've been so huge that I've been seriously worried that I'd have to go to hospital cos I can't push them out. I was actually frightened! Now If I have this much trouble giving birth to a turd, how on earth am I going to pa__s a baby's head?!


Seriously Laughing!!! - May 27

I LOVE LOVE LOVE you ladies!!!!!


{.} - May 27

mine have been so big (bigger than the hole in the toilet) and have taken so long to give birth too that I feel like I should take it out save it and name it something! Bloody tp too.....most times it's not like that but wheeeew sometimes it's hard to believe that was in there along with a baby! heee, heee.....tmi i know!


Ummm.... - May 27

Ha ha! That happened to me at work one day. I thought it was going to be just another pooh session and all of a sudden it hurt like hell! I thought I was gonna let out a scream! It felt like I was ripping in two when it came out! The thing was like 12 inches long! I don't know where it was being stored or how the baby had any room in there! Gees! Ha ha!


Christina - May 27

LOL!!! You guys are hilarious!!! I know the feeling!


??? - May 27

how about when you go to the bathroom and you spend all this time delivering this huge turd and then you are ready to stop and you can't cut it off!!!! I mean it's so tough that it doesn't want to drop! Then you feel like your b___thole is all stretched out the rest of the day! lol


Karen - May 27

Thank you all ladies now I dont feel so bad and was a bit embra__s to even talk about this. Although I have never plug a toilet someimes it felt like a never ending task. LOL


? - May 27

this is sooooo funny!1 LMAO



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