Enough Is Freaking Enough Let S Take Care Of Her

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SICK OF IT - March 2

We are all so sick of this psycho going around just spreading nothing but her own misery. So how about we ostracize her ass! Obviously she desperately craves attention of any kind. So rather than give her this negative reinforcement, let's just completey IGNORE her sick and obsessive behavior. She may not go away, but at least she'll feel left out!! Oh, what a funny mental image....... her at her computer getting p___sed off and pounding keys because nobody will talk to her. I can just see her now in this thread frantically trying to get SOMEONE... ANYONE to argue back. But no more ladies! Let's just ignore her completely no matter what vile sludge she manages to type! Who's in?????????


momof3 - March 2

I'm in! I am not going to sink to her level again, no matter what!!!


Missy - March 2

I'm all for it!


~m~ - March 2

LOL Me, too! I'm soooooooo in!


Ashley - March 2

I'm in too. Honestly, it takes to much needed energy to answer or respond to psycho.


momof3 - March 2

Ashley your right we all need to be stressfree right now and this thing is really stressful


jenny - March 2



amy - March 2

count me in 4 sure!


Rachel* - March 2

I'm in. I haven't got involved in this, but I am really wanting this site to get back on track.


Missy - March 2

Looks like (maybe) the point has gotten across -- the threads have been pretty clean this afternoon.....jeez, I hope I didn't jinx it...


momof3 - March 2

It has been really nice :) got to go take my son to karate see you all later!!


~m~ - March 2

Knock on wood, Missy! LOL If she shows up, we'll just talk about the weather. LOL


tara - March 2

that sounds good to me :o)


Momof3 - March 2

Hello ladies again. What is the weather like were you are all at. Today it was sunny and 74o


H - March 2

The weather is cold here how about for you gals?


Momof3 - March 2

Hey H, I lived in Alaska for three months. It was 40 below zero. That is when your nose hairs freeze :)


Whatever - March 2

Momof3 stands for mom of 3 gorillas!'



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