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Meena - January 8

Hi All:I am 7 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby.A couple of my friends took epidural during labour and they said it was a miracle no pain..discomfort anything at all!!!! Isit true? Does anybody out there have similar experience with earlier pregnancies?And how bad is the pain once the effect of the drug wears off? Really would appreciate your responses ladies.Thanks


mama-beans - January 8

An epidural is a drug injection in the fluid filled space in your spine.. a tube is inserted into this space and the drug is dripped into it, making your whole body below that point numb to some extent. It is different for each person and with each hospital, etc. Some people go completely numb and can't feel anything, some people go partially numb and can still move their legs somewhat and feel pressure of birth, it just depends. The pain that is being numbed is the pain you feel during contractions and to some extent caused by birth.. the stretching v____a, all that. When the drug wears off, you are no longer having contractions and your v____a is no longer being stretched, so what you will feel is the discomfort of a sore "bottom".


M.A. - January 8

I had the epidural with both of my girls. With the first one, I couldn't even feel anything enough to know to push. With the second, I could feel her pushing herself out, and knew when she was coming, so I knew exactly when to push. But I had no pain at all. I THINK that's called a walking epidural, but I'm not sure. I loved that one. The pain was all gone, but I could still feel what I wanted as far as her coming into the world!


Kiddolebel - January 9

I had the epidural and then it was shut off when it came time to push. OH I felt the need to push thats for sure. lol. Probably why I managed on pushing the baby out in an hour with it being my first.


natalie21 - January 9

I highly recommend having an epidural! :) I got mine about 30 min. before I delivered and it wore off about 30 minutes after I delivered. I felt no pain while giving birth!


Meena - January 9

To mama-beans:M.A:Kiddolebel:natalie21 -->> Guys thanks a bunch for your responses...really appreciate your help :)


sye - January 9

i had an epidural with my first daughter..it didn't bother me since i was having a contraction at that exact same time....because of the epidural, my body hung onto a lot of fluids and ankles and feet sweelled up twice it's size and didn't go down until 2 weeks after...


tallclaire1982 - January 10

I had an epidural and it worked ok for a while then they broke my waters and it stopeed working so yep i felt all the agony!!! they can be great but they also fail miserably alot too!


TC - January 10

Epidurals are great!!! I was in labor for 19 hrs bf I finally had one and boy oh boy was it great. Before I got it, I was unable to sleep bc contractions were coming every minute. I did not have any side effects after the drug wore off. The only thing is that, when they first put the drug in you, you tend to itch. I think it is due to the morphine.


deza1 - January 12

Hi Meena. Let me begin by saying every woman's body reacts differently to epidurals. I don't want to scare you but for my first pregnancy I had the epidural and the baby had a reaction to it. She suddenly was choking on the umbilical cord and on the monitors they had me hooked up to, her heart beat was getting slower and slower. The docs rushed in and had to flip me on all fours to get the umbilical cord off from around her neck. They finally were able to do it and I was so numb I couldn't feel a thing. The docs told me it was a reaction from the epidural but they don't know what in the anesthesia causes this reaction. I had it again for my second child and everything went fine. Thank God. Like they say, not every pregnancy is the same.


Kristina - January 12

hello! I had the epidural with Tasia, who is now 10 weeks old..my first. Let me tell ya...it is sooo worth it! By the time I got to the hospital I was already 5cms and in alot of pain...but for some reason I was trying really hard to pretend I wasn't in much pain..so I got the epidural right away, but the doc didn't put it up too high because I was trying to act tough and he didn't think I was in all that much pain...In 10 minits I could feel a difference..but still felt the pain.....1/2 hour later the contractions were sooo bad I was crying..the doc came back in and told me he would turn it up, but that he didn't have it very high because I didn't seem like I was in much pain..I told him I was trying to act tough and he laughed at me =P Anyways about 10 minits after he cranked the dose up I felt SOOO much better! I couldn't feel any pain at all! I didn't even feel my water break..the nurse came in and said she was going to break my water and when she went to do it she was like "...oh...it's already broken..and the head is right there!! time to start pushing!!" I guess I would have 2 (very minor) complaints...the first is that I was so numb I didn't even feel like I had to push..and when I was pushing anyways I couldn't even tell if I was pushing...apparently I was though haha. The 2nd complaint is that it makes you really itchy and shaky!! At least it did for me..and the nurse told me it is a side effect of the epidural...You also get shaky from adreniline though..so I guess it's hard to say which caused it. Anyways, good luck and congrats! Hope everything goes well, and I DO recommend the epidural =) oh and by the way! I was terrified of having it put in, I was sure it was going to hurt like hell! But honestly the IV in my arm hurt more..the epidural was nothing!


Sian1 - January 13

I had an epidural with my first daughter and i found it excellent. I didnt feel the needle go in and although it only took the pain from the contractions away from one side of my body it was such relief. When it came time to push though, i couldnt feel a thing so had to wait for the midwife to tell me when to push and i also tore.( not sure if the tearing was anything to do with epidural or not though). I think that if you get to the point where you cant handle it anymore then id go for the epidural cos it really is a huge relief.



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