Epidural Or No Epidural

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*X* - November 12

Ok, folks, I've been wondering this for a long time, and I'm curious what you all think. My mother was a lamaze teacher, so I feel a bit compelled to give birth naturally, but in all reality I really think I'll just want the epidural when the time comes (no, I have no previous children). I usually have a pretty high threshold for pain, but the thought of the actual act of giving birth scares the c__p out of me. Soooo, epidural or not? I'd be particularly interested in hearing from people who have done it both ways.


Nicole - November 12

I am pregnant with my first and I am scared to death of Labor My mom had all three of me and my two bros with out any drugs and when my daughter comes out i am going to be appoligizing for everything that i have ever put my mom through i have a pretty high pain tolerance but i know that i am not going to be able to handle that pain from pushing a baby out it makes we freak out to just think about it. If you do get one im sure that your mom will understand And i mean no disrespect to your mom but ihave heard that Lamaze doesnt help what about you i mean i cant say one way or the other because i have never had to use it but my neighbor said that it didnt do anything for her I mean she also said that it may have been because she felt stuping doing it in the first place so maybe she wasnt doing it correctly i dont know i dont want to spend the money on the cla__ses if they arnt going to help you know if you could let me know that would be great thanks


jb - November 12

This is my first too. I am pretty much planning on a epidural. I have a pretty high threshold for pain, and will go as long as I can but I dont think i will be able to do it without an epidural. My mom had four kids and never had any drugs. I dont know how she did it, and I feel that she thinks I can do it without drugs. I dont want to disappoint her but i dont thing that will be happening.


M.A. - November 12

I've heard that the first is always the most painful. But it probably depends on the person. My first was unbearable, and my second was a breeze. I had the epidural with both though. I had it with my first from the beginning, and just barely used it with my second, only because the lady down the hall scared the c___p out of me screaming like "Chainsaw Ma__sacre"! So I didn't want to get to that point. But I didn't have it during most of the seven hours in labor with my second, and slept most of the night. But to tell you the truth, I really didn't need it much with the second. Usually you decide when the time comes, whether you really need it or not. I wish I hadn't used it with my second. I could still feel her pushing her way out, and it was great. I wish I had felt more of what she was doing, but didn't because of the epidural. I pray that with the new baby, it will be even better, and I won't need the epidural at all! My mother-in-law had four, and said that hers got easier to have as far as the pain goes!


Eryn - November 12

Id go with the epidural. When I gave birth I had a third degree tear and I didn't feel a thing. The whole breathing thing didn't do me any help with contractions


Ashlie - November 12

Ive done it both ways, I had an epidural with my first son and ended up tearing very bad and was off my feet for awhile afterwards, with my second I did it completely drug free, and didnt tear at all and was back on my feet right after giving birth. I think they say the first one hurts the most because you dont know what to expect, I would say, stick it out as long as you can and if you need to then ask for the epidural thats what I did with my 2nd son and by the time I was screaming for the epidural I was ready to push. Plus the nice thing about the epidural is that it does work right away, so its not like you have to wait for it to kick in. good luck and do whatever your gut says.


Lisa - November 12

I am definetely going for the epidural. I have heard so many horror stories or the women who went natural and the pain of not only the natural childbirth but of the tearing as well. I would love to say I went natural, but with all those nice drugs on the market I want to make this as painless as possible. A girlfriend of mine just had her baby, she told me that before she got the epidural that the contractions were making insane with the pain..I don't want to go there.


erin - November 13

Basically every labour and delivery is different, even for the same person with different kids. With my first I felt that I could handle the contractions so I refused any kind of pain meds. However with my second it was unbearable, but it ended up being that I dilated so quickly that it was too late to be given anything but gas. So I think Ashlie's advice is really good. Try to stick it out as long as you can. You may find you don't need it, or you may find that you really do! Personally I have found that pushing is much less painful because you are actively involved and have something to focus on. I also tore with both kids but didn't feel a thing. Guess it's so stretched out and numb down there that I didn't notice. Anyways, I hope this helps. Ignore the horror stories and don't fear labour. Our bodies were designed for this!


ra - November 13

i say you should make giving labor as comfortable as possible, by having an epidural. why go through that pain when you can be relaxed. but yea if you can stick it out do it. im just scared of a tear and that being painful. but how much do i know? im going to have my first in jan. good luck to all us first timers!


ra - November 13

i mean giving birth...lol


lee - November 13

i had an epidural with my first baby and although it DID take away the pain, it was so strong I couldnt feel my legs during the birth and they were asking me to push but I couldnt feel anything. My legs kept sliding off the bed and the midwife had to hold them up on stirrups (not very ladylike lol), anyway I couldnt get up and move around afterward and had to have a bed bath. I have had back problems since and vowed to have no epidural during the birth of my second child. The labour only lasted 4 hours and afterward I was able to go and have a warm bubble bath and walk around. ALthough the pain was there, it was worth it, I used the gas and air and had an injection of pethidine (not sure if spelt correctly). It is everyone's choice I suppose but I will not be having an epidural with my next birth.


Jamie - November 13

I had an epidural, but it only took on one side...so on my right side, blissful relief - left side felt every thing; what's worse, the anesthesiologist didn't believe me. Next time, I think I'll try and do without; I was miserable on my back, and wanted to get up and walk around and stretch, but couldn't because of the epidural that wasn't working anyway - next time, since I'm gonna feel it no matter what, I want to at least be comfortable.



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