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elizabeth - October 13

All of my family that has had babies have had episiotomy's and said when they sew you up, they do not give you enough numbing medicine and you can feel the whole thing. Also they said it was worse then labor. Now i dont take pain, lol and im 22 weeks pregnant, and i think they should numb you so you dont feel it, has anyone had experiances were it hurts or dont hurt? cause i want to stay away from that pain if i have that done


K - October 13

I had one and they do use anaesthetic and while I wasnt completely numb it didnt hurt - Dont Worry - youll be fine. :)


Jamie - October 13

I didn't have an episiotomy; I had a C-section after 24 hours of labor - but, I can tell you this...after you've been in labor, you're not gonna care, cause them st_tching you up is nothing compared to the pain of labor.


COC - October 13

I had one and didnt feel a thing until I looked down and saw her sewing me up so to speak. I was very disappointed that I didnt even know that I was cut (had an epidural so couldnt feel a thing) but once I knew the baby was ok, I didnt mind. It took me about six weeks to heal and after that,I was fine.


Charity - October 13

Hey I'm 26weeks and I have heard 2 stories about it. First you don't feel anything because you have your epi. and that numbs you from your waist down so don't feel it. You don't even know that they do it. And my cousin did tell me that all she could feel is that it felt like a string going in and out but it didn't hurt. But she has told me other stuff that isn't true also. Some people just want to scare you. So I feel your pain. I'm scared to death I abosoulty HATE pain. I"ll pray for you if you pray for me. Good Luck!!


Bre - October 13

Well, firstly, you can request your doctor only do one if it is absolutely necessary. So many docs these days just decide to cut you up before hand when it isn't needed. I've requested we try with out, but have had them noted that if it looks like I'm going to tear badly, they will go ahead with one. I just watched a close relative of mine have her daughter a few weeks ago, and they didn't give her one. At the very end, as the baby was crowning, she had the very slightest tear (so small thanks to the doc who obeyed her wishes of trying to prevent the epis.and slowly creating an opening for the head). They numbed her and it worked well. She didn't even feel it; the whole procedure took like 3 minutes.


Jenn - October 13

I had one and it didn't hurt while they were st_tching, but the healing was incredibly painful, this time i am requesting they don't do one unless absolutely necessary.


Rhonda - October 13

well this is my 3rd and I have not had one...from what I was told the doctors only do it now if it is really needed (like if your having a large baby) so the best thing to do is talk to your doctor and request that they only do it if you really need it....cause not to scare anyone at all but I have heard horror stories about it ripping open I sure that does not happen in every case of course but I would just prefer myself not to have it done lucky for me I am small and so far both my sons were under 7lbs....I have to see with this one I have remarried so differnt daddy another boy though ha ha good luck to all....


Jennifer - October 13

Does anyone know when and why the doc's give episiotomy's? I know its so you wont rip open when the baby is coming out, but is it only if you are small down there, and the baby is too big to go through? I am a fairly tall woman (5'10"), and my husband is (6'1"). We are both average size and weight, but I am afraid I will have a BIG baby and have to get a episiotomy, and I REALLY dont want one. I think I am going to tell my doc not to give me one unless its absolutely necessary.


KLC - October 13

Hi...i am pregnant with my 4th child and have had episiotomies with all three of my births. I will be totally honest with you I felt a little pulling sensation but really no pain with the cutting or st_tching. The recovery however is quite painful. If you have to have one request that your doctor give you a sitz bath to take home with you. It is a circular tub so to speak that you fill with warm water and sit your bum in. These things are a life saver because full baths aren't always recommended right away. Also my doctor gave me a huge supply of tucks pads to put in the fridge and whenever the pain was unbearable I would put one in my undies on the st_tching and it was instant relief. I'm sure you will do just fine an episiotomy is much better than tearing!!!! Good luck.


elizabeth - October 13

thank you so much!!!i feel better, and same here i dont want one unless totally nessasary!


mom42 - October 13

Some doctors give them as the standard, others don't. With my first, the dr numbed the area to give me one, but the baby came out before he could cut. I am so happy! She came out with no problems, noe tearing and minimal pain.I was really happy with my dr with my second. She used somewhat pretty rigorous and somewhat painful stretching techniques to avoid tearing or episiotomy. I think she had to be more rigorous, since the baby was coming so fast (about 4 pushes). make it clear to yout dr that you don't want an epi. routinely, only if absolutely needed. I think a lot of first time moms get them, but my dr said with 2nd babies, they are often too fast.



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