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carol - March 8

I am very nervous about the idea of having an episiotomy? What have been your experiences and/ or advice?


bump - March 8



Billie - March 8

Good question. I want to know too!!!


Liz - March 8

I had one. My daughter was a very big baby (8lbs. 13 oz) I couldn't feel it while the procedure was being done. Many friends have ahd them too. It's painful for a while after but I have to say it healed very, very well!


autum - March 8

i had one also. didn't feel it, just felt a sort of relieve, my baby was 7lbs 9 oz , grab yourself a sitz bath, they help so much, i also used tucks ( i know for hemrroids) but they worked there too. it's alittle uncomfortable afterwards, but usually heals very nicely, and it is better then tearing, at least with an episiotomy, they can st_tch better then when torn. i would suggest if need be, get the episiotomy. good luck hope that helped.


Kelly - March 8

How long does the episiotomy take to heal?


autum - March 8

i think the healing all depends on your body, at the pace it heals itself. i healed within a few weeks but my sister it only took one week.


Lori - May 25

I am obviously a unlucky episiotomy victim. S_xual intercourse if vertually impossible still in week 10 after delivery. I never developed an infection and am upset and confused as to why I'm not included with Liz's experience. My baby was 8 lbs 2 oz's. Sigh... I guess I'm just un lucky.


Lissi - May 25

Good question. I want to know more! I can't decide if it's best to tear or have a cut. Anyone else want to share your experiences?


Lori - May 25

My advice if they say you need an episiotomy ask what "degree" they need to do one they range from 1-4. Also ask the Dr. how the baby is doing how low is the heart rate and is it steadily dropping? Personally I think the Dr. did mine so they could was up and go home. I had a resident sew me up while the Dr. instructed how. I didn't ask the resident how many he had done. I was too busy looking at my new baby. TAKE the time to stop them and make sure you aren't something for them to learn how to do the procedure on. My Dr. says that to fix the s_xual pain I feel they need to do a repeat episitomy. I even asked them if they accidentally sewed me up smaller? They said no, that I'm b___stfeeding is hendering estrogen production slowing down the healing process. Personally I'm going to a different Dr. getting their opinion and then if they can't fix this. I've lost all of my s_xual pleasure and cant bear my husband to even try at the age of 30.


Lynn - May 25

I have done a lot pf research on this & it seems that the consensus is that the natural tear will heal faster than an artificial cut. Most doctors got into the routine of doing them because a straight cut is much easier to st_tch up then a jagged tear but ther eis no medical evidence stating the an episiotomy is necessary for childbirth.


bump - May 25



Davida - May 25

I had two and had no problems afterward. Ice is the key to keeping the swelling down and healing faster. Good luck!


P - May 25

I read the same thing Lynn. It seems they got into the habit to speed up the process for the benefit of the dr.'s not the patients. Ask your dr. if they do episiotomies routinely or only when absolutely necessary. As far as I'm concerned, neither option is appealing. *shudder*


Naomi - July 1

I had one & they said it was a 3. I'm 4 weeks out & feeling fine. I started walking 1.5 miles a day at day 6. I'm wondering when can I swim again?


Katharine - July 1

I didn't have one when my daughter was born, but I was surprised to hear that 80-90% of women have one with their first births. In my case, the doctor numbed the area for the epis., but my baby came too fast and they didn't have time to do it. I asked about the likelihood of having one with the second delivery and my dr said the delivery usually goes too fast to give one.


R - July 1

I am totally against them. As was mentioned before, they are done for the doctor's "time" and not for the patient's benefit. Natural tears are better to heal (and quicker) than artificial ones. You just KNOW those doctor just want to cut you so they can move on to the next mom, cut her and get more money. My cousin was as unfortunate to get one and it tore into her rectum. They said that if they hadn't done the episiotomy, she would have torn naturally and it wouldn't have gone so far back. Now, she has weakened perineal floor muscles, affecting s_x & bowel movements. No sir, thank you very much, you WILL NOT be cutting me!



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