Episiotomy Vs Tearing Amp Pooping During Delivery

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KLT - June 14

So do they just let it tear these days? My mom is insisting I get an episiotomy...but from what I've read, that practice is phasing out and comes with more possible complications (infections) than just letting it tear... She disagrees and is fighting me on this! Of course i'm going to do whats best for me, but just wondered what you all though. Also...is it true? Will I poo when I deliver?? Tell me it isn't so!!!!


Steph - June 14

I think that the episotomy really depends on the doctor and if he/she is an avid practicer of giving them. I did not tear nor have an episiotomy with my daughter and hopefully won't have either with this one. You should talk to your doctor about what he/she normally does regarding the tearing and episiotomy. Regarding pooing on the table, you may or may not. It's a c___p (no pun intended) shoot. If you do, it's not a big deal anyways as the nurses and doctors have seen it PLENTY of times. It's totally normal and natural and simply no reason to be embara__sed. Your pushing out a 7 pound baby...a little poo is probably bound to come out. I wouldn't worry about it at all!


Fayble - June 14

When you let it just tear it does take longer to heal rather then getting it cut and st_tched up. some women go into labor too fast and it does tear, both my mom and friend said that it is painful while healing just because its not a clean cut. And then for pooing, Dont worry about it. Docs see if all the time. Although I dont think that many women do Poo while giving birth because your body cleans itself out before going into labor.


Tiffany814 - June 14

Right, I believe it depends on your doctor too, but you should definitely talk to him/her about it. I believe most doctors will perform an episiotomy these days, if possible, b/c I think its easier to st_tch a straight cut rather than a jagged tear. This is just what I hear but I plan on discussing it w/ my doctor too. I say do whatever needs to be done to get that baby out- I plan on having an epidural so hopefully it won't be too too bad. As for the pooing, I would not worry honey, thats gonna be the last thing on your mind when you're in labor, but hopefully you have enough time once you discover you're in labor, before you get to the hosptial to go to the bathroom. I know a woman who refused to have that happen to her and in the weeks before she was due, she ate a lot of fiber, etc. to help clean out her system in preparation for delivery (she has 2 girls now) and she said it worked :-) Good luck!


venus_in_scorpio - June 14

you should read "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy. It is the funniest most realistic outlook on pregnancy ive ever read and she did a thing about sh*tting on the delivery table, since most women dont know this can hapen until theyre pregnant and someone tells them. everyone says the same thing... theyre terrified of the poo thing but all women say when your delivering you just don't gove a sh*t (haha or you do..) :o)


Betul - June 14

I too have heard that doctors are not so readily doing episiotomy anymore like they were 20 years ago. When I had my first (20 years ago..lol) I was given an episiotomy right before delivery (never felt it as I was in pain from the labor) but with my deliveries after that (4 of them) I never had an episiotomy again. There are ma__sages that you (or your partner :))can do to help your v____a prepare for delivery that I think are very effective. As for the pooping thing..yep..it happens and you really don't care at that point. Even if you clean out your system beforehand it can still happen. I always tried to "clean" my system out before delivery but at least during 2 of my 5 deliveries it happened. Believe me, even the most conservative and modest women lose all modesty during pregnancy.


KLT - June 14

Sigh*...but I don't wanna poo!! hahaa. I hear that before you go into labor you have some loose bowel movements...is this so? And if so, is this your body's way of cleaning itself out before the big event?? I know that IF this happens on the delivery table it'll be the last thing I think about, but right now..its all I can think about!! Ok...thats a stretch, but you know what I mean. Paranoia!


susanna - June 14

Actually I was one of those women deathly afraid of having a BM in front of an audience and because I was so tense about it, it took me 1.5 hrs to push my first child out. THe second child I asked for an enema straight away when I went into the hospital and that settled it, he was pushed out in no time! Ask for an enema then no worries!


susanna - June 14

ANd the answer is yes, you will likely push out more than a baby, that's why the enema is so great.


angie m - June 14

I have had three babys and I got the runs right before and during the begging of labor. It happens to alot of women and yes it is the bodys way of cleaning it self out. I didn't poo at all while pushing my babys out. I have also heard the alot of women throw up while in labor, another way the body cleans it self out, but I never did. I had a great midwife and they will ma__sage your area to keep it from tearing and it worked I never tore. Good luck to you and don't worry too much. When you are in labor you will not think of this stuff at all.


whitewolfe - June 15

Well I am in Australia and have had 2 little bubs and pregnant with number 3. The reason for letting you tear now instead of cutting is that they have found that torn muscles heal faster and easier than cut ones... they should only cut you if it appears that you are tearing down towards your bottom... which can cause a serious tear between your v____a and rectum so they cut you to prevent it... it can also be necessary to be cut if the little ones head simply wont come out... I was cut with my first baby... which wasnt pleasent at all... but the healing was just fine infact it didnt effect me at all... and then went on the have number 2 with out any st_tches at all... and well as for pooing... I tried as hard as possible to have nothing in there and still managed to poo in the middle and because i was hooked up to a drip for number 2 so I peed myself as well... was not the most glamorous of births to say the least but i simply couldnt move.. and no, the nurses dont care one little bit...


KLT - June 15

Oh the shame of poo! And now you guys tell me I may throw up and pee myself too? OH NO! LoL. I didn't know they still did enema's for you at the hospitals though. I was told i'd have to go out and buy my own and do it myself if I wanted one. Also, in regards to the episiotomy, if they cut you....wouldn't you still possibly tear?


dedaa - June 15

Hello ladies I had an episiotomy done with my first birth and it made me so mad but they had to use forceps to get him out cause we both were not doing to well. Becasuse they gave me the episiotomy in the first one though when i was pushing my second baby out I tore in the exact same place as my episiotomy was done the first time but even though I got stiched up after I tore with this one I found it alot less painful afterwards when trying to walk then I did after they gave me my episiotmy with my first. With the episiotmy I could barely walk and it was so painful I was terrified to go to the bathroom. As for the poo thing usually your bowels are released long b4 that part but even if they are not then do not worry about it. When you are in labor that will be the least of your worries you just want that baby out and do not care what you do at that point.LOL


NURSEJ - June 25

well in california where i am from, the dr.'s give u the episitomy when thry see u are streching or starting to tear. tearing is more complicated b/c that's when the infections start b/c it is not a controlled situation. an episiotomy is a surgical cut with sterile blades, risk of infection is lower compared to just tearing. i would opt for the episiotomy.


krista-lee - June 25

i tore and had 20 st_tches, completley healed 2 weeks later. and i pooed on the table im pretty sure lol, but i didnt care, the doctor and nurses didnt seem to either


KLT - June 25

Just went to one of my prenatal cla__ses last week and found out the doctors in this practice don't do the episiotomy if they don't have to.


Been There - June 26

I've read that you can do a perineal ma__sage to help you with stretching the area a bit beforehand. This is supposed to cut down on the possibility of tearing or needing an episiotomy.



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