Evaporation Lines On An Ept Must Read

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Holly - November 23

I bought 2 of the E.P.T +/- tests about 2 weeks ago and got a faint posative about 2 hours after I took both of them. I was so excited that I was pregnant, I mean why would a posative appear if it did not detect HCG right?! I made a doc's appt. and when I took a pregnancy test in there office it came up negative, they did a transva___al ultrasound and found nothing in my uterus, then they did a blood test and told me that I was for sure not prego. Beware of the E.P.T +/- test, it gives you false hopes. I am now so depressed that I am not prego. I have taken many tests and none of them EVER gave me a false posative. Just thought I would get it out in the open so no one else has to go through what I did. Hope it helps.


rg - November 23

you have to read the directions carefully. The results are accurate within the first few minutes only. If you check it too early or too late, the results will be off.


just me - November 23

If you got a faint positive 2 hours after then it was not an accurate result... Remember to read the directions next time...


m - November 23

Sounds like you are a rare victim. 99% of the time, if a faint line appears, whether it's 10 minutes or an hour later, it means positive. Many many stories told on here, including mine, say this: when a test has read negative at first, it has been left to sit for as long as a few days, and NEVER did a false positive show up. However, if a line did eventually appear, a doctor confirmed pregnancy. Once in a blue moon, someone on here has a story such as Holly's. But for the MOST part, a negative is a negative, and a positive is a positive, even after that "window" pa__ses. I've told my story before but I'll tell it again. I have taken many many tests before. If it came up negative (and actually WAS negative), I left it laying and it never showed a line. However, when I was pregnant with my son, and with a pregnancy that ended in mc, the faint line appeared over 30 minutes AFTER the window. It did that for a few days before it started getting quicker/brighter. So in my own experience: I have taken numerous, numerous tests. I have seen negatives and I have seen positives, but I have NEVER seen an evaporation line. Holly, I'm sorry for you, and rg, those directions are on there for liability purposes. If you call the company, and look around on the web, you'll find that you will be told that if a line shows up later, you are almost definitely pregnant. Human experience is more trustworthy than a few words on a piece of paper. Happy testing.


Holly - November 23

Thank you for understanding m. I just put this out there because it was an experience of mine, not because I am an idiot that does not know how to read directions. Duh! I see posts here all of the time that say "I took a preg. test and it had a faint posative the next day" Everyone always says congrats you are prego regardless of the wait time on the test. No matter how long it takes, I just wanted other women to know that this particular brand gave me a false posative, so they can be aware and not get their hopes up if it happens to them. Let me tell ya, it is not a fun experience. I'll try to pay closer attention to the directions next time!!!!!LOL


m - November 23

Holly, I can only imagine how devastating it must have been. Just out of curiosity, was the blood test the quant_tative kind or the qualitative. If it was quant_tative, did they say your count was zero? I'm sorry this happened to you. I have had 2 miscarriages, so I know what it's like to have something taken away. Good luck to you! And I know what you mean.... directions -- shmirections! LOL People who have heard me say this will think I'm a broken record, but every time someone brings up those "directions" about the 10 minute "rule", I think of the directions from a chainsaw that tell you not to attempt to stop the chain with your hand. Well, DUH! Kindof funny how companies say anything to keep themselves out of the possible hotseat. :o)


m - November 23

I am not sure what kind of test it was. They said it was a serum test, they did not tell me the levels, they just said that I was not pregnant.


m - November 23

Good luck for next time! :o)


Tina - December 8

I am 19 years old i took a ept pregnancy test on monday and it read positive so two days later i took 2 first responses that came out Negative and then i took 3 more ept test's and they didn't even read anything. I also took a ept curtainly test and it didn't read anything either... So i still don't know anything at all... I have to wait till December 30th to find out anything and I hate this.. My stomache is huge and my b___st are stiff and i've constantly got a burning feeling in my stomache and I pee all the time and I have gas all the time... I just want to know for sure and none of these test have helped me. anyway enough of this...


Holly - December 9

Tina, I know how it feels to not know. It drives you crazy!! I ended up going to my doctors office and they sadly confirmed that I am not pregnant. The best thing for you to do is go to your doc's office and take a blood test. I don't care what anyone says, EPT is not the best brand out there, my sister who is 7 months pregnant took one for the heck of it and it came out negative..If you are going to do another hpt, I would highly recommend aim stick. (I purchased 25 of them on ebay for $11.00, they are easy to use, easy to read and are cheap!!!!) Good luck to you, keep us updated!!!


heather - September 20

hi I just took a ept +/- test and got a faint (really light almost hard to see but I still could see) almost right after I peed on it. so do you think im pregnant or its just an evaparation line??? what do you think


kr - September 20

I also had a tough time with the ept. My husband came home about 45 minutes after the test was negative. He wanted to see for himself, and by the time he looked a line had appeared. Later I took another ept and it nothing appeared in either window. The 3rd I took was negative. I finally got a real positive from a dollar store test. At least with the cheapies you can take them every day


Lisa - September 20

Holly, I am so sorry. You must have been so excited and then to be disappointed like that.. I hope things change for you soon! Keep us updated. I would love to hear it worked for you next time...then we can b___h together about our pregnancy symptoms!


yeah i agree with rg - September 20

you are NEVER suppose to read the results after 10 mins...and 10 mins is a strecth in itself...you want to talk about a REAL false positive? for 2 months i had pregnancy tests...all brands show a faint positive no matter what time a day, or time of the month it was...that my dear was devestating! take care, and from now on, throw the test away at 10 mins, and save yourself future heartache. good luck to you in the future!


mom42 - September 20

I took 2 store brand tests and got a very faint +, although it was within the 10 mins. When I called the Dr office, they said that I would not need a blood test or other verification, if it was + on the HPT, it was +, so I didn't even go in until I was about 3 months. I was pregnant, but I can't imagine thinking I was pregnant for that long, THEN finding out otherwise! Good luck in the future!


jenny fergeson - September 27

how do you read an ept test


Ana - October 1

I see this post is old...but I'm wondering. I've heard "M" and others say how a faint line is positive no matter when it shows up. I have taken 3 tests. One was extremely faint...I didn't even notice it until I started micro-examining it. I took the test apart, same thing, microscopic mark. The next day it had turned more noticable, but still faint. Took another one that next day (with FMU) got a straight out negative. Opened that test, let it sit over night...still negative...but I do see the evaporation line, it's clear, not pink. Took another test the next day...got a negative, no evap line. Left it sitting for a few hours (again taken part) and it turned a faint pink. I don't feel pregnant. No tender b___sts or nausea. Anyway, I'm so confused and obsessing over this. If both of these "positives" turn out to be negative I'm going to be pretty upset. I think these "false postives" are actually more common than people make them out to be. Holly, getting two faint positives then finding out it was nothing is very dissapointing. I don't understand why anything would show up if there wasn't any hcg there to trigger it. That stripe should only turn pink it there is HCG. That sucks.



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