Everyone Wish Me Luck

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pbj - October 19

This stupid hurricane is coming to Florida on Sunday. Wouldn't you know it, my baby shower is supposed to be Sunday, and I have family flying in just to be here. Wish me luck, I pray this stupid storm dissipates into nothing.


Jessica - October 19

Where in Florida are you? I am in Florida also. Jacksonville, Good luck with everything.


Jamie - October 19

I certainly hope you and yours make it through the hurricane safely.


jb - October 19

Hey pbj, Im in the Tampa Bay area. It really sucks. Seems like Huricannes only hit on the weekend. I will cross my fingers for you and ALL of us in Florida.


RL - October 19

hey I am also in the Tampa Bay area wishing us all good luck!!


pbj - October 19

I'm in Orlando. We usually don't get hit very hard since we're so inland, but last year we got hit with Charley...we're just finishing with all the repairs from that, except the roof...thank God we waited to do that until the end of this hurricane season. I wish the rest of you luck too, especially those in Tampa or anywhere else down south.


Michelle - October 19

that is a big storm. Last night it was a Cat 2 and now its a Cat 5! Be careful! I wish everyone is florida luck. Those things change from one minute to the next.


chelsey - October 19

Be safe pbj! I heard that the Hurricane season this year has been one of the worst in 36 years. Hope you and your family will be super carefull! That goes for everyone in florida and affected areas!


Jessica - October 19

Good Luck with everything!!!!


Here we go again - October 19

not to be rude but I wish everyone would just move from there I'm sick of paying then paying more and then paying so f'n much that its actually getting to the point where I'm actually no better off than the people who live in hurricane alley (florida) your existance is becoming a debt to the world ... any plans to give back to the world ? you people need to pay an awful lot more for the privilege of living with hurricanes . Anyway as not to throw sincere best wishes out the window I also wish you good luck and in turn for my families sake and everyone elses I hope you wish us good luck that the hurricane doesn't come your way .


MD - October 19

I know its kind of sudden, but maybe you should reschedule just for safety precautions and focus on getting out of there, But good luck and my prayers are with you and your unborn.


pbj - October 20

To here we go again: Every area has it's own area of natural disasters. The west has fires, midwest has tornados and the northeast has snow storms etc. So I think we all pay taxes to pay to help others. Yes, we in the south have hurricanes, but I also have insurance on my home and I have never taken public a__sistance when anything has happened to our home. Just to fill you in on a few things as well, I would rather live in an area with hurricanes as we have usually days to prepare. We in Florida don't complain about hurricanes, we don't complain to the govt. when we don't evacuate and our homes flood, because we know what we're in for. Unfortunately N.O. got hit so hard this year or else this wouldn't even be a discussion...it's not Florida's fault that the state of LA was not prepared, we are and our state and local officials actually know what they're doing; they've been doing it for years.


Here we go again - October 20

Thats okay I still wish you luck and don't wish anyone to be in harms way regardless where one lives but your statement is all contradiction .


Smiles - October 20



To: the rude lady! - October 20

To Here we go again! Why don't you stop and listen to yourself! How rude! There existance is becoming a debt to the world? I do be believe everyone living in Florida pays taxes just like you do! I'm sure if something was to happen to your home and everything you ever worked for you would need help as well! Believe me people in Florida do not enjoy having their homes ripped apart, but it is there home and that is why they stay there! I'm sure this hasn't really affected you, did you donate to the Red Cross to help these people out? Probably NOT, or do you plan on going to Florida or New Orleans and helping them clean up? Probably NOT! So why don't you just keep your trap shut!


pbj - October 20

Please elaborate why my statement is a total contradiction. Was it not clear to you?


Here we go again - October 20

In the real world empathy and apathy are two different things the one who wrote 15:49 doesn't know that really not in the least bit now that's 'contradication' and to pdj , what exactly are you confused about was my statement not clear ? Last time I checked Katrina set a new world record by leaps and bounds in sticking it to the world financially . Trust me at the rate its going in all categories of taxes , gas prices , and insurance premiums there are alot of people who would rather be hit by a hurricane than astronomical premiums and prices . I bet many would rather take whatever sc___ps they have left to rebuild to keep prices down ... the contradiction is in the price tag so don't tell anyone you're not asking for anything . I think under those circ_mstances it is rude to call a hurricane stupid . Poor innocent hurricane being trashed so rude .



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