Extreme Constipation After 2 Years Of Ibs Diarrhea

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Miserable!!! - May 19

Has anyone who is pg or has been pg ever experienced EXTREME constipation and/or a strange odor to their urine with lots of discharge in it? (not yeast infection, according to doctor). I have stopped taking my prenatals because my constipation (since 4 dpo) is SO BAD I have cried at times. I was diagnosed with IBS/Diarrhea 2 years ago and I swear....the last time I remember being this constipated I was pg with my daughter. Other than these two weird things going on with my body, I feel 'normal'. Can anyone help me out with this? Was constipation a definite sign for any pg woman out there? Thanks for any input....(I am now 6 dpo and STILL very much constipated beyond belief!)


Bump.... - May 19



barb - May 19

I too have been suffering from serious constipation. I am 9 weeks pg and look about 5 months as my tummy is so swollen. Have followed all the advice about eating lots of fruit & veg and drinking lots of water with no relief. Only thing that seems to help slightly is eating lots of pears. I am unsure if any of the natural or herbal laxatives are safe for use during pg so am just suffering on


C - May 19

Well, I am not prego, according to the negative test I did last night. However, I can relate to how you are feeling. I am always having something funky going on with my bowel movements. Sometimes I only get one a week. I have not been officially diagnosed with anything yet, but have a doctor appointment tomorrow to find out what is going on. I know how uncomfortable you are.


Miserable!!! - May 19

Thanks for your input ladies - I guess I should state that there is a VERY good chance I conceived on my O day. I just find it hard to believe that my body could be 'reacting' THIS soon....Is it possible????? Barb.....how soon did the 'Misery' start for you? I remember when I was pg with my daughter, my doctor told me that taking liquid Milk Of Magnesia was safe and wouldn't harm the baby. I just might have to go get me some of that today - I am trying to ease it up by eating Raisin Bran and drinking lots of water. With my IBS/diarrhea - I normally have to stay away from Raisin Bran and anything else that could 'move' me. This is why I am pondering very seriously about the fact that I 'May' be pg......Thanks again for your input - you too, C - Thanks..... Oh yeah.....and what about the 'weird' smelling urine? I can't describe the smell - it's weird, but not overly offensive or strong - it just does not smell like 'normal' urine.


Bumpin' - May 19

it up


Julie - May 19

I found that drinking lots of water and eating blueberries and rasberries helps.


Bree - May 19

Yes, it definitely was a sign for me. Before I even thought I was pregnant. I find that drinking water throughout the day (at least 100 oz. is what I make sure to get) - it really helps me. Also, fruit helps me go. I've been spotting a little after I have a b/m so it scares me so much to strain. I don't want to cause a miscarriage just from using the bathroom. It's stressful due to the spotting and my fears. It's a problem for me definitely. I don't go to the dr. until next tuesday, so I'm trying to hold on.


Bree - May 19

Oh, Miserable!!, what about trying some dried plums aka. prunes? The ones with the cherry flavor taste good believe it or not. They will work on your system, I believe. They really do a number on my stomach! And, yes, for me I was constipated before I realized I may be pregnant. I think right away, if that's possible to be connected to the pregnancy. So you are not alone. As for the smell - I have a funky smell, also. I don't feel like I have a yeast infection, but I'm awaiting an exam from a Dr. next week. Tired of worrying! If it's another type of infection I have no other symptoms. The best I can describe it is a smell I've noticed before my period comes on - which I always believed to be hormonal -fluctuations before period. ???? I don't know, just what I thought. A guess. Best of luck to ya


Miserable!!! - May 20

Thanks Bree - one more question: when you say before you found out you were pg, was it just days after conception or weeks? Oh, and I went to the doc yesterday and discovered that I have a bladder infection. That explains the odor and cloudiness of my urine. I am still 'stopped up' and still miserable. I am going to try the prunes and blueberries and rasberries as well as lots of water, and see if that helps. I really don't want to take a med for it, just in case I am pg. I wonder if anybody has experienced a bladder infection early in pg - I have heard that a woman can be more prone to getting those early in pregnancy. Can't remember the last time I had one of those.....Thanks again for all the input, everybody.


Bree - May 20

I'm not sure, really. I didn't find out I was pregnant until about 6 weeks, so it had been a while I'd started experiencing the constipation all of a sudden, but I cannot pinpoint it that well.


Miserable!!! - May 20

Thanks again Bree....My af isn't due until somewhere between the 29th and the 31st of this month. I ovulated early this month - which sometimes I do when my period is short (was only 3 and a half days instead of the usual 7). I am now 7dpo and the only thing(s) going on are the bladder infection and the constipation. My b___bs ache a little up at the top, but I am not reading too much into that one....Has anybody else who turned out to be pg experience extreme constipation early on?


b - May 20



Lynn - May 20

I did too. I was about 4 dpo when mine started. I was almost doubled over in pain from being contipated.. so much that I didn;t even want to eat anything becasue I knew I wouldn't be able to get it out! It lasted until I was about 6 weeks, then i had no problem at all & now at 12w3d i am constipated again! Good luck!


Miserable!!! - May 20

Thanks Lynn....considering the fact that I have had consistant diarrhea problems for over 2 years now, and that there is a VERY good chance that I could be pregnant - this sudden, extreme constipation gives me hope and also gives me pain. Oh well, I guess that comes with the 'territory' doesn't it? Thanks again for sharing your experience.


bump - May 21



???? - May 21




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