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Worried man - March 17

Well my wife and I are going through divorce. Two weeks ago we engaged in s_x through out the weekend. She started her period on feb 26th and ended on Mar 4. We engaged in s_x without protection from Mar. 5th to Mar 7th. What are the chances of her getting pregnant after her period. Her cycle is 28 days between periods and her last started on 2/26/04. I know it was a dumb choice but I am extremely worried for both our futures.


leslie - March 17

That Sucks! I got pregnant right after my period...so I guess it happens..do you know if she maybe wanted to get pregnant from you?...Do you still love her? I guess this is a very hard situation that I would not like to be in...if both of you guys want this divorce..there is a lot you guys have to talk about. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully she won't be pregnant..


BBK - March 17

There is a chance still, but if she's regular you're probably OK.... as she ovulates around the 10th/11th... it will be a close one though


Worried Man - March 17

I am extremely in love with her and I want to work on the marriage.This was not done to trap her in the relationship. The first time the condom slipped off. The other times were in the heat of the moment. She did not appeared worried so I'm am not sure if this bothered her. Thanks for the advice.


tiffani - March 17

Although you should never get pregnant to save a relationship, maybe fate played a part, and if she is pregnant, hopefully you'll both put extra effort into making it work.


To worried man - March 17

I am no priest or anything , but , are u sure u want to divorce ur wife ? If u still have s_xual intercourse , there is a chance that u still love each other but maybe just don't know how to talk to each other or have forgotten about the good things u once shared.I know this is none of my business and i don't know ur situation , but u both might want to reconsider . It just break my heart when i hear about divorce.Anyway, i wish u good luck i i pray that u'll find another solution besides divorce! Some women ovulate at different times regardless the lenght of the cycle. Again, good luck .


tara - March 17

She'll be ovulating around 11/12th and since sperm can last 3-5day inside of a woman you guys cut it pretty close. Hope she's not pregnant - good luck .


leslie - March 17

SO THEN MAYBE THIS WAS something done by GOD!! to save this marriage since you guys are not trying your best if you really love each other still...and if she is not preg. maybe it was a sign for you guys to try one more time to work it out.


Worried Man - March 17

I do not want to divorce my wife she wants to divorce me. I am in love with her more than ever. I have grew from this divorce process and have seen how wonderful she is. We have been together for 16 years and have a 14 year daughter. We have been using condom for 15 years and this has never happened before. Is it fate I dont know but am am a faithful believer. She say's she grew out of love.


tara - March 17

I have a friend who says she grew out of love as well - she still cares very much for her husband and loves him just not in love with him. All she's really saying and wants is that spunk back in her life. The thrill of when they first got together and everythign was new and it was an adventure. Is this the sort of thing your wife is looking for as well?


Donna - March 17

Tara - that is so true, it's happend to me, things just arnt fun anymore and you just want that thrill again the feeling that u had when you both first met, it takes a long time to fall out of love but when u eventually do it's so hard to explain to your partner, ive been in the possition before


Worried man - March 18

I am willing to do everything to show her that spark again. I have read books and books on romance building like the 5 love languages and rekindling the romance. I have seeked so much help from friends "female and males". Ihave seeked professional help and pastors. I am in deed in love with her. I just have run out of resources. I will continue to try and rekindle the spark/romance. Any suggestions? Thank you for all the great advice.


Heather - March 18

I agree 100% with tara and Donna... Your wife may need something to recharge her battery so to speak.


To worried Man - March 18

Or something with batteries. Hmmm??


leslie - March 18

well if she decided to have s_x with you just a while ago and when you guys were in the middle of the divorce..isn't that maybe a good sign that she still feels something for you? maybe this is too personal but how old are you? you don't have to answer..


To worried man ( again) - March 18

Well, i am a firm beleiver and i know that what God has put together, no man can put ascender .I read somewhere about a couple ( or say the wife ) who wanted to divorce her husband because she claimed she grew out of love ,after some counselling done and some soulsearching, it turned out that she actually thought she grew out of love when in fact she still loved her husband but didn't know it because they had unresolved issues and felt taken for grantedetc.... Worried man, my advice is don't give up on ur marriage yet because this is not what u want. Talk to ur wife, ask her what it is seh wants, ask her how she feels, LISTEN to her, even if it doesn't make sense to u , just talk a lot, listen to her, and don't ask her "why don't u love me anymore ".Like i said, there is a chance she too still loves u or else she wouldn't even consider come anywhere near you. She is going through some things and by showing her love and understanding, she might come around.Surprise her, do something for her u've never done before. Be patient and see ! Ok, sorry for the long post ,i'm not trying to stick my nose in ur business, i just know that divirce is not the answer to problems.Be loving and caring to her and u'll see . Take care & God bless u !


Worried man - March 18

I am 35 years old. She was 18 and I was 19 when we started the relationship.She told me that she felt she never had time for her own since she met me right after high school. Now she wants that time. This question is for Donna you stated you been in the same situation. Did you take the easy way out and divorce or did you work on the marriage.I feel a man sweep her off her feet and she is blinded by all this attention. I know by my feelings for her that I will invest my energy to provide her with a emotional and loving support.We were s_xualy actice in the relationship so I think that is not the problem. This has been an emotional rollercoaster and is very painful. Thanks for the advice



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