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momtobbg - December 26

is it possible for a brown eyed parent and a green eyed parent to have a baby with blue eyes?


Hmm... - December 26

No. I've never seen it happen. But I suppose there could be some miracle.


mikel - December 27

if your eyes are really dark brown then it is unlikely. if any of the parent's parents have blue eyes, then maybe--only if your eyes aren't nearly black though. both of my parents have brown eyes, but each of them have one parent with blue eyes, i ended up with medium brown eyes (darker than there's) and my sister has gorgeous blue/green eyes.


mikel - December 27

i meant to say that my sister has gorgeous blue/gray eyes...the green from your question must've been on my mind...sorry.


L - December 27

Very possible to happen.


yup - December 27

it can happen. it all depends on what colour eyes the rest of the family has.....like grandparents. it is not as likeley though.


Steph - December 27

My sister has green eyes and her idiot ex-husband has brown and my little newphew has the bluest eyes I've ever seen... :o)


missy - December 27

yes I have brown eyes and my husband has green--we have a 3year old son who has blue eyes!!!


rl - December 27

well my eyes are hazel my ex husband has brown eyes we have two kids together one has brown eyes the other has blue eyes so.....


happymommy - December 27

Yes it is possible. Brown eyes are dominate, blue is next then, green. If one parent has green eyes they have 2 green genes. If a parent has brown they could have 2 brown genes, 1 brown, 1 blue or 1 brown, 1 green. If one parent has the brown, blue genes and one has the 2 green genes then you have a 50 50 chance of having a blue eyed baby. blue is dominate over green. I hope this helps.


Mandi - December 27

The answer depends on not only the mother and the fathers eye color, but also the mothers parents and fathers parents eye color, however the only chance you have of having a blue eyed baby is for the brown eyed parent to have a blue eyed parent of there own, and then your chance of a blue eyed baby is only about 5%. Brown is a majoring factor over green so Brown would be the outcome in 90% of the time.


Heather L - December 27

Who knows. It can go back to your parents/grandparents genes. My first son has blond hair and blue eyes. Me (hazel eyes) and daddy (brown) and we both have light brown hair. *shrug* My hair was blond as a child and my dad has one blue and one green eye. (wierd eh? *lol*)


Brandi - December 27

Yes, I have very green eyes and my ex has very dark brown eyes. My daughters were very blue till she was about 4, now they're kinda turning greenish.



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