Faint Line Pregnant

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musiclover - September 26

My names Glory. My husband and I are both marines. I just recently got stationed with him finally!!!! We've decided to get pregnant but we've only been trying for a couple months. I started what I "thought" was my period 10 days before it was expected. It was pretty heavy though and it started very light and became heavier after strenuous pt runs. It lasted 5 days and went away. Which was 5 days before I was supposed to even start! My br___ts have been really swollen and tender, my blood pressures gone down, and I have almost all of the classic signs of pregnancy so I thought I would wait until I "should have" had my period and take a test. When I took it I saw a barely visible positive line. I'm not sure if i'm just emagining it or not. My friend saw it too. Do you guys think I'm pregnant. Is it possible to be pregnant after a pretty heavy period? Thank you for your help. GLORY


Tory1980 - September 26

Possibly or possibly not. The faint line could mean two things. One you are pregnant but it's very early or two that 'period' was actually an early miscarriage (the light bleed was signs of implatation and the run probably brought on the heavier bleeding)and the faint line means there is still some hCG hormone in your body causing the + result and the other signs. I would suggest getting an u/s if you can to check one way or the other and go from there. Good luck!


kay101 - September 26

Gross question but was the blood brown or red? Were there any clots or tissue like material in them? Was it as heavy as your normal period? Women can have implantation bleeding for several days, which can be from just spotting to a light flow. Also, what brand of pregnancy test did you use? I would probably go talk to a doctor to find out if you are or not.


Johnna - September 26

as long as the line was there even if it was faint it does usually mean that you are pregnant just that you are not so far along yet, wait a little then try a test again and see what it says.


carlaz08 - September 27

my advice is to wait a few days and test again...i just had a similar situation...a lil over a week ago i tested and it came back negative...well my fiance wouldnt let up cause he was convinced i was PG...so 3 days later i tested again and it came back positive...so if i were you id retest in a few days..good luck :)


kristyn1028 - September 27

Whenever I first thought I was pregnant I had my normal period and then like two weeks later had bleeding. When I took my pregnancy test, the positive line was extrememly faint, barely visable. Even my next test was the same. It was just because I wasn't very far along. So its possible you are, but its possible you may have been and miscarried.. I would do what the others said and wait and test again. Good luck!


lenae_manning - October 3

Hun, sounds like your pregnant.You have a the signs. Just to be safe go see a doc to make sure that heavy bleeding wasnt a miscarriage or a sign of ectopic pregnancy. Not to scare you, but just making you aware. Good luck!


musiclover - October 4

Hey yall, I just wanted to update you guys and tell you that i'm pregnant! YAY


k. - October 5

Congrats!!!! There's seriously nothing better than babies..... Good luck with everything.


kitten420 - October 5

usually even a faint line is positive if you are still not sure go to the doc and get a blood test and I love marines I am married to one myself you guys rock and good luck.


lenae_manning - October 8

GREAT!! Congrats!! How far along are you??



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