Faint Line Or What

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alicia - December 2

I'll start out with saying how much i hate these stupid tests lol.... I took one yesterday and it was a plus/minus one. Well i got the like one line that comes up to make sure the test worked right like really bright blue. then the negative line was a faint horizontal line with a realllllly skinny thin vertical line straight down the middle of the horizontal line. but its hard to see it. It couldnt have been an evaporation line because it came up immidiately and i know im not seeing things because i made my friend look at it right afterwards too and she saw the same thing. i dont know if i should take that as a negative because it wasnt the same thickness it looked like someone drew it with a pencil it was so thin but its there. i dont if anyones had any experience with this could you post it? I goto the doctor tommorow but im really like anxious, hate not knowing. thanks n goodluck.


celei - December 3

I'm not sure if you made it to the doctor or not, but I'll post anyway. The same happened to me a few months ago. My EPT showed two lines, but one was really thin and faint. I refused to believe I was pregnant even though my best friend was like 'Two lines mean youre pregnant!' I still didnt believe it. and yes, I'm pregnant.


alicia - December 3

well im checking back before i goto college today...i goto the doctors around lunch time.yea each day im feeling mroelike it but i dont know if its in my ead or not. i just dont want to believe it because i dont want to deal with thinkin i am and then find out im not...not fun. but i'll let you know when i get home. thanks and gl with your baby :-)


Amy - December 3

You should have used one of the digital tests! I had a very similar experiance with a cheapo teat, so I went digital! I'm now 21 weeks pregnant! good luck at docs!


Dany - December 3

I had the same exact thing happen with the EPT +/- test. It looked like it could have been posative, then i went to my doctor's office and confirmed that it was neg. through urine and blood. Who knows, I may have just had a messed up test. The best thing to do is go to your doctors office!!! Good Luck!


m - December 3

I will be VERY surprised if you are not. I'm glad you said it came up immediately so the "evaporation line bandits" can't get on your case. I took one of those clear blue easy tests, and the vertical line was much thinner and lighter than the horizontal one (or vice versa). And I was pregnant. Those 2 lines do NOT have to be the same thickness or intensity. I'd bet money that you are pregnant. Keep us posted. Good luck!


alicia - December 3

Hi i went to the doctors today i was a lil nervous cuz it was my first time..i know i should have gone before now lol..uhm she said the urine test came up negative and left it at that. she examined me told me everything felt normal and that if i dont get it by the end of december to take another hpt. And then if i still dont get it by like may or june to come back so they can run tests to see if anythigns wrong. all while pushin birth control methods in my face. im like ok im not taking ANYthing until i know whats going on...like she herself said to test at the end of the month which means theres a possibility so why in the world would she want to put me on birth control? i dont find this normal


kate - December 5

Clear Blue(plus or minus style)almost instantly faintest positive...Dr. confirmed Positive..Pregnant!


m - December 6

I wonder why she didn't perform a blood test?? I might ask for one if I were you. Good luck!


alicia - December 6

Yea i think i might go to a different doctor though shes a new one who jsut took over the practice my mother went to and it felt like if i was trying to say something like about that test i took that was wierd she just interrupted and me and was like no you'r not pregnant. i just dont think that waiting 4-5 months is really smart to do because i dont care what she says, that is NOT normal. lol....besides iv been feeling nausias for the past 2-3 days now..so even if im not pregnant, that still is something i might want to find out...Keep ya posted. =-)



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