Faint Positive Hpt Faint Positive Blood Test

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kris - November 25

I took hpt Monday with a BFN, took again Wednesday with a very faint BFP, went to dr Wednesday and took a blood test which also came back BFN, but with a light line rather than a dark one. Took another hpt this morning (friday) and still just a faint ++ line. Should I be worried that the lines are not darker, or does it really matter how dark they are?? Dr doing a quant_tative hcg count but will now get results till Monday....


dear kris - November 25

stop wasting money on hpts and just wait for the beta test and you will know for sure. Even if you keep doing pee on a stick you wont believe it anyways because its never for sure until you get your beta. good luck and save your money (just my opinion)


kim - November 25

Congrats, sounds like you're pregnant, just sounds like *maybe* you might have low hormone levels. The test will tell you for sure, good luck!


Stephanie - November 25

My hpts came back very faint too. Let us know the results!


ally - November 25

positive is positive, mine was faint too, i have no idea what it means but positive is positive... i have no idea what bfn or bfp is but if it is positive than that is it.


Shellie - November 26

Hey! (Ignore that rude, obviously ignorant "dont be"!) I had the same thing happen to me with the hpts! The line was VERY faint two months in a row.. the first month I wasn't PG... the second month I was! (Go figure!) So I guess just try to wait 'til Monday! It was "50/50" for me! (I'm crossing my fingers for ya!!! Good luck!!!)


ally - November 26

thanks angie, i already had my baby and tend to head now to baby care to get advice on things i dont know but i sometimes refer back here when i have time like i did when i was pregnant to answer questions like ppl did for me when i was pregnant and had concerns. I just added my bit cause my test was a faint positive and the dr then added positive is positive but didnt explain why it was faint


kris - November 26

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support!! I am just so paranoid as it is still so hard for me to belive that I am pg....I never thought it would ever happen to me!! My friends all think Im crazy!! I did test again on Friday, the line was a little darker, but still light....I am not going to test anymore, I am just going to kick back and enjoy!! Thanks so much!!


mom42 - November 27

I took 2 hpt, both with super faint lines. When I called the drs office to schedule a blood test, she told me they don't do that. If there is any line, no matter how faint, you are pg. They set me up for the 3 month appt. That was a year ago and now I'm typing with dd attached to me, eating away. Good luck!



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