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SB - June 28

I am near my 5th mon. and last night I felt very faint and I really thought I was gonna pass out, I was seeing black spots, felt like blood rushed to my feet, my body temp felt like it got cold and I was sweating cold, Do you guys think this is normal or should I call my mid wife??? This is the first time this has happened to me while pregnant I've actually passed out just like this before maybe about 2 yrs. ago. But never pregnant and it freaked me out because of the baby thank GOD he was around while I started praying to him to not let me pass out and slowly I came back to my feet. I don't know if maybe my blood pressure droped But I haven't had any problems with my bp before or since I've been pregnant. Can somebody give me their opion??? Thanx


OK - June 28

This same thing happened to me over the weekend. Here's what I found out: While pregnant, your blood pressure drops gradually up to your mid-pregnancy and then begins to rise again. As a result, when you get up quickly blood pools in your lower half and can cause the dizziness & faintness. It can also be caused by low blood-sugar (which is what mine was triggered by) and anemia. It's nothing to panic about, but lay down as soon as you're able to help your body recover. If there are any other symptoms that you noticed in connection with the faintness or if you notice it happening again or frequently, you NEED to see your doctor. Once, in my opinion, is normal. But any more than that and I'd be concerned.


Lisa* - June 28

I too fainted in my first pg. around 4-5 months period. I was lying down on the parking lot in the back of the building where we lived. My doctor said to make sure you eat often and drink lots of liquidduring the day .. Mostly causes by low blood pressure.


SB - June 28

Thanks to all you of you guys, I feel I little better now and I kinda had a feeling that it was normal for this to happen because of other stories I have heard (including my moms w/me) but it was still scary!!! Once again thanx



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