W - January 18

I just want some input, I went to Egypt last week and decided to go on a camel. Now as I went to go on to the camel I fell off, do u think I should be worried? I am 18 weeks and feel dragging movement in my stomach, people arround me have made feel really bad and saying that I should go the dr's. My nxt hospital appt is'nt till 1st Feb 05. What do you guys think?


tiffani - January 18

Wow Egypt.. that's awesome. I'm a little confused about the dragging movement, not sure I understand what that feels like. Are you having any abnormal cramping or bleeding? You can always call your doctors office and speak with a nurse about your symptoms, she will then be able to tell you to relax and don't worry about it or come in immediately. Good luck.


w - January 18

I have no cramping or bleeding everything just feels the way it did b4 i fell off. The dragging movement meaning it feel like something is turning in my stomach or my stomach is trying to stretch, but its the same feeling I had at the beggining of my pregnancy. I mean my stomach seems to have grown, maybe I will go to the dr's. Thanks x


tiffani - January 18

It sounds to me like you're just feeling the normal pregnancy tugging and stretching. No cramping or bleeding are very good signs that everything is okay. That "dragging movement" could be the baby moving. This is the time when you start to notice the movements. Have you felt the babies movements before this?


W - January 19

I'm not sure whether I have felt it move, but at one stage I always had that 'dragging' feeling. Sometimes I get pulses in my stomach if am watching the tv, so i dont know if that is a movement. LOL i dont know much do i!!!!


kate - January 19

I'm just wondering how and if you were able to recieve the vacinations required to travel to Egypt.I would call your dr. about the fall.


tiffani - January 19

In my UNPROFESSIONAL opinion, I think you're fine. Unless you fell flat on your stomach (which I don't think you did, your natural reaction is to catch yourself) and have had bad cramping or bleeding, I seriously wouldn't worry. I'm guessing this is your first pregnancy? I think you are feeling the baby move and just don't know what thats supposed to feel like. Take care & enjoy your pregnancy. P.S. Stay off the camels from now on. LOL :o)


w - January 19

To kate, I went to Brazil last year, so I had to have all of my vaccines then that cover me for 10 yrs, hope that this answer's ur question dear. Tiffanni i sure will be staying off them d__n camels LOL!! Thanks for your advice x



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