Fallopian Tube Cyst

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m - November 29

Has anyone ever a cyst in their fallopian tube before? If so, what are the symptoms? I am concerned I may have this or an ovarian cyst. I go to the doctor today, so hopefully he will do tests for this. Does anyone know how these things are detected? The nurse said ultrasound can see ovaries, but it takes a special test to see the tubes. I'm not sure what that means.


Christine - November 29

I have had an ovarian cyst...not a big deal...a fallopian tube cyst is probably more of a danger...if you have one and it grows it can burst your tube...My guess would be though that they can use ultrasound to determine either...I know with my cyst the saw it while I went in for an ultrasound concerned (because of pain) that I was pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy...they sent me in looking for one...just in case so they must be able to see the tubes and in them otherwise why would they have sent me for it?...As long as your going for an ultrasound they should be able to spot anything in there...good luck and let us know how it all turns out..


m - November 30

Christine, thanks for answering. I saw my doc yesterday and all he did was an exam. No ultrasound or anything else. He said everything felt ok. But I really am not satisfied with that. I have been using him for 7 years now and he has never let me down. But I just know my body and I know something isn't right in there. So I may get a second opinion. I don't know what else to do.


Christine - November 30

I think a second opinion would be a wise choice...I dont know how long I had my cyst before the doc found it..and I believe she is a great doc...but right before all of it happened to me I had exams due to irregular cells, and she had to cut a piece of my cervix to send away for testing (thank god it all came back normal), anyways with all the exams and testing she still missed the cyst (a__suming that I had it then), but my cyst when they found it on sono (because I found out I was pregnant and asked specifically for one due to a little pain I was having) was already over 9 cm large...which is much bigger than normal...all of this happened within a 3 month time frame...and I read a lot about cysts due to being pregnant with a large one and having to have an operation for it while pregnant, they say that the doc can sometimes feel them during a routine exam...but obviously not always...good luck, and let me know how it all goes


m - November 30

Thanks so much! You have made me realize that a 2nd opinion is definitely in my best interest. I'm going to call around and find another doc.I'll keep you posted!



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