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Candyce - September 26

Okay...today I went for my first ultrasound, I should have been 8 weeks today...Well when I get to the doctors office the tech who was performing my ultrasound says "that the pregnancy sack was present but noting was in it"??? So now I confused because I don't know what the h__l she's talking about. She also said that the sack was measuring 5 weeks instead of 8 weeks , my last period was on 8-3-05, she said it could be one of two things: either a false pregnancy, or I earlier than what I thought & nothing has formed yet. I have a follow up appointment on Monday the 3rd, so she can look again. What I don't get is my period had stopped & 2 hpt have come up positive & my doctor confirmed I was pg last week....Please help because I don't understand at all....


Candyce - September 26

I was just reading some information on this it's called a blighted ovum...I'm so scared, but I guess I should be thankful my body was protecting itself against me having an unhealthy baby,,I won't know for sure until next week if it's definitely a blighted ovum but I have a strong feeling it ...no period for 8 weeks & no baby forming yet...


Julie - September 26

Hi Candyce! Please, relax! I was checked at about 7 1/2 weeks and they couldn't find anything. Remember, if you are 8 weeks, the little one would only be about 6 still very small. It's possible when you go back in a few weeks everything will be there and will be fine. I have a 34 day cycle and they said I was later then I actually was too which only made things worse by them not finding anything on the u/s. Don't worry about it until your next appt. Good luck!


lab tech - September 27

You could have had some stress which made you ovulate late. That could account for the difference in how preg you think you are, and how preg the u/s said. I had one done and I thought I was 7 weeks. We couldn't even see a heartbeat. Just a little circle that I was told is a "yolk sac". I had them print me a pic, and now it's in my baby's photo album. Besides, the u/s is usually about 2 or 3 weeks off of your LMP, anyway. Relax, I'm sure everything is fine. The whole blighted ovum thing happens with some cramping and bleeding, and if you aren't having any, go back for your appointment as scheduled. Take care of yourself... take your vits and drink lots of milk!!



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