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cassandra c. - May 9

So, I just started this job today. And, I've known I was pregnant for a while now. I am 10.5 weeks along. I have not yet told this employer. I planned on taking the usual 6-8 weeks off after I have the baby. I was under the impression that they can't do anything about it.... you know what I mean. Well, now I come to find out while reading my new-hire packet today that according to FMLA that you have to be employed for 12 months prior to the time when you take your leave of absence. Problem is...... this is a really good job. Does anyone have any experiences with this? Did you work for a place and they let you take a leave anyways and come back even though you hadn't been there for 12 months?


s - May 9

I think thats just for regular FMLA. I think maternity leave is different and required by law by all employers


Jenn.... - May 9

I only know that FMLA does not apply unless you have been employed for 1 year. So it is entirely up to the employer what they chose to do. I think if it is a good company and you do well by them, they may still allow you to take leave. You should discuss this with the employer in a month or so.


s - May 9

I stand corrected. I just looked it up and FMLA does not apply to ANY employee who has not been there for a year a__suming your company has more than 50 people working there. Sorry


nhb - May 9

I worked for a place for less than a year and then came back--they have to allow you the dr mandated delivery time, so they have to go by whatever the dr says . . .but it's true you can't take off all that FMLA time w/o possibly having consequences--although I'd think if it's a good employer that they should understand :).


Ca__sie - May 9

thanks for your responses. The other managers really like me. My plan is to just bust my a__s and create some awesome numbers before I tell them like you said Jenn in a month or so.


KrisD - May 10

Check out your state law on-line.... For instance, in Ma__sachusetts the state gives you eight weeks even if you don't qualify for Federal's twelve weeks. What state are you in? I am in HR and will check out some of my info...


ES - May 10

To KrisD : Can you check into Maryland. I am in a similar situation to ca__sandra. I have worked for my company for 18 months but have worked under 3 different owners thus 3 different companies. Iwill have 11 months in by the time I am due and I have been told be my employer that they are willing to give me time off but they will not come clean with how much time. Not to mention I really want to quit because my working conditions have deteriorated. But I need the money right now.


KrisD - May 10

Thanks for your help. I am in Pennsylvania. let me know [email protected] thank you again!


toes - May 10

hey, I'm a dad with a federal job in Illinois, anyone with any suggestions? I figger I'm SOL on this, but it'd be nice to stay home a week or two and just enjoy the time.



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