Far Away Family

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kenya mama - April 7

My family and my husband's family all live fairly far from us. Do any of you have fun suggestions as to how we can keep them informed and involved in the pregnancy of their grandchild? Thanks!


C - April 7

You can always email them updates on the baby as far as growth and how the baby is developing or it would be a good surprise to mail them letter an send a sonogram picture


grandma - April 7

like c said you can send them email or picture through the mail. are you can go over there to let them see the baby, ever so often.


PP - April 7

Being a military family we know being away all too well. We bought a Hitachi dvd camcorder because the discs are small and easy to mail it is only $0.60 USPS and they can be played in any DVD player. I like it because it records right on the dvd and I can just mail it. It is really quick. I am also able tro copy the DVD's so I can send one to each set of grandparents.


toes - April 7

kenya, ever consider webcams? i was gonna move across the country and was thinking of that, but I wasn't able to get a transfer :(


kenya mama - April 8

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have been emailing as often as possible with pictures. Unfortunately, my family is in Africa, so taking the baby over every so often is not an option. My mother in law lives a couples states away. They are good at email, though, so I'll just keep it up. PP, I love the idea of a DVD recorder! I'll definitely check into that! Thanks again to all with ideas!


Maleficent - April 8

have you thought about setting up a family web site or home page? i keep in touch by sending photos and keeping sc___pbooks of my family.


Kim - April 8

I think that these are great ideas and I hope to use a few. Our families are 3000 miles away from us and it's hard to be so far away during this time. I worry about how hard it will be as the baby grows up as well. My husband and I hope that if our families can't move closer as they start to retire, maybe we can relocate to be closer to them in the future.



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