Farting The Pain Of The Shame

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aggie03 - June 15

OK seriously others have to be having this problem. I work in a very open and public office building and holding in all the gas from bloating is KILLING ME! There are no one-hitter bathrooms in the building so every time I try to “relieve some pressure” someone walks in or is already in there…Im so scared they’ll recognize my shoes!!Ha! By the end of the day Im so bloated that my pants are tight and I have this awful pain in my side…I pop gasx all day but its not helping. Any suggestions?! Funny but serious!


KLT - June 15

I feel your pain!!! If the GasX doesn't work, try Mylicon or Phazyme. These products have the ingredient Simethicone in them (like GasX) and are safe to take. And while really, nothing seems to totally relieve the gas, I've just been watching what I eat. I'd be curious as well to hear what solutions others have! Until then..I guess cutting out things that could add to the gasiness..like cabbage, broccoli, beans, cauliflower, onions, pears, even soda for some people... and starches like pasta and potatoes (rice is ok though). I've also heard to avoid things rich in fiber like oat bran (wheat bran is ok though and helps if your constipated). And of course fatty and fried foods cause they cause bloating. You should also eat slowly and eat several small meals instead of big ones and don't drink alot of liquids during your meals and don't drink with a straw cause that adds to the gas bubbles! Its a hefty list to remember...but I guess at some point it comes naturally. Oh, and chewing gum and sucking on hard candies adds to it too. Can you go somewhere outside when you need to fart?? And wear loose clothing!! That has helped me sooo much. Well, att least my husband is farting all over the place too...so I try and blame it on him!! hahaha. Toot Toot!


tiphanai - June 15

Aggie, you're awesome. your post had me laughing so hard i'm in tears. Not that i can't empathize but even your t_tle "The pain of the shame" is just brilliant. Oh girl, and worrying you'll be spotted by your shoes, i can totally relate! Honestly, i don't have any great suggestions. I'm of the school of thought that if it's Silent yet Violent there really isn't any proof who dropped the bomb. Maybe rolaids or Eno? I've been dropping bombs too, but i'm not in an office setting anymore so it's between me and my walls. Good luck!


YC - June 15

Aggie03 I feel for you girl. I can't belive you are able to hold it in. GO ahead and release...you are pregnant...people will understand. I was lucky I got just about EVERY pregnancy symptom but no gas LOL!!!


KLT - June 15

Yeah but YC...would you start dropping stinky bombs all over the place? Sure people might understand, but its way too embarra__sing! It's like every five minutes you gotta fart and this goes on and on...and you're like HOW much more can there possibly be in there?? You are lucky you don't have gas problems.. how far along are you?


San_dee - June 15

ha ha i just fart real loud and say 'baby did it'. i actually find it interesting and amusing how people react, but thats me... i have no shame


tiphanai - June 15

san_dee, nice call - just blame it on the baby. i agree though, just let it out. from what i've been reading on this forum, it's gonna get alot more embara__sing than some smelly farts. If anything, farting in public will get you prepared for poo-ing in public (they say that happens during labor!! haha)


KLT - June 16

Yeah but if you are farting non stop stinky farts...eventually people in your office will get annoyed. Would you want to be the coworker of a stinky, constant farter? It might be humorous at first..but it gets old...even if the person can't help it. I say if you are just going to go for it...release it in the bathroom or outside.. one or two farts in the office itself is fine...I guess....but if you have problems like i've had....I wouldn't be letting them rip in the office. I just asked my co-workers and they agreed...noone wants to smell a contstant foul odor. Now, poo'ing during labor...that i'm freaking out about! But from what i'm reading on this site on other threds..it doesn't always happen...and if it does, they'll just wipe it away and you keep on going. You can fart and pee during labor too. Isn't this fun!! :-P


frankschick2001 - June 16

Not so funny when it is happening to you! I have not had this problem yet, but I feel your pain. As far as worrying about someone recognizing your shoes, stop worrying. When I use the bathroom here, I never bother looking at people's shoes, and honestly could care less who is in there. I do hate to do private things if there is someone else in there at the time, so I understand. But hey, that IS what a bathroom is for, so if they hold it against you or laugh at you, then they kind of have a lot of growing up to do. You're pregnant, this is going to happen, so go into the ladies room, and fart away.,


jenrodel - June 16

LOL I am just laughing out loud here. Not because it's particularly funny to have gas at work (I've had my days!) just because I'm sure most women here can relate - the shoes under the stall, there always being someone else in the washroom when you manage to sneak away from your desk for a moment... best of luck ladies!!


Olivene - June 18

Is it possible to change your shoes before you go?!


aggie03 - June 18

Well, I finally found a floor in my building with a student bathroom, so I would more likely not know anyone in there..Its so stupid I know I just cant believe how bloated pg can make you! (I am not showing yet and I just started this job so I havent told anyone yet. Hopefully I get a my own office soon and I can stink it up all by myself!!! Im glad Im not alone!!!!


tndrlvn - June 18

this is so funny, i so hearyou Aggie,,,,,I have the same proplem, i do reception at a big law firm.....and to have to pa__s gas is just a horrible feeling, and of course i also have the problem where i have to lean to pa__s it, like no one will know it is me....hahahaha....good luck on that one.....I do call on someone to come and take over for me, i don't really care about staff hearing me it is the clients that you see......heck i can't even go #2 at work, i come home and lunch time so i can....adn that is really hard and painful....I"m just glad i am not the only one going through this



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