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Heidi - August 9

I've noticed in the morning when I get up for work and shower, afterwards I feel really weak and just really worn down. Like all my muscles in my body are really weak and I just want to lay back down. I'm 30 wks. I usually feel like this after I've been rushing around in the morning or at night after a little light housework. I know it gets tiring in the last trimester but it just kind of hits me fast and I feel a little weak in the knees. I think I'm also starting to get heartburn. If I lay down at night I have to roll on my side or my chest starts feeling cold and like I'm having reflux or something. Totally new to me. Never had heartburn before and it only happens if I lay down.


christy - August 9

Hey Heidi, Is this your first pregnancy? I felt like this w/ my daughter and I developed toxemia. Talk to your doctor and tell him/her how tired you are. I know this can be very normal when you get this far along, this is just my experience. As far as the acid reflux you can take a zantac 75 and it will REALLY help. I had reflux so, so bad w/ my first pregnancy, but then w/ the 2nd I didn't have it all. This is my 3rd and I'm 18 weeks along. I have had reflux for 3-4 weeks already, although it is only occasional. Hope this helps. Oh, and don't freak out over the toxemia thing, as I said that was just my experience!


Heidi - August 9

Well during the day I feel just fine. Just seems like in the morning after I'm done running around getting ready I get fatigued. Like the last few days when I go to fill the dog dishes with water, I just feel really weak and like all my muscles feel fatigued and I get like a hot flash. I will mention it next Tuesday at my next appt for sure. I won't panic though. I feel just fine but after dinner I feel worn out again like I just want to lay down. Doesn't help I stuff myself silly either and this nasty hot weather isn't helping at all. I think non-pregnant people are really feeling the heat too. My mom commented how weak she was feeling too so that might be part of my problem. I try to stay inside a lot but that gets old. Thanks!


S - August 9

Hi Heidi, I know how you feel. I have been extremly tired in the daytime for the last couple of weeks. I am going to mention it to my doctor tomorrow. Also, extra strength Tums with calcium works wonders for heartburn. I like the a__sorted berries flavor. I carry some with me everywhere I go.


AngelB - August 9

Hi Heidi, heartburn sucks right? I too only got it when lying down, most of the time after drinking too much fluids, your doctor can write you a prescription for a heartburn preventative. As for the weakness after rushing around in the mornings you should probably get your hemoglobin (redblood cells) levels checked. Hemoglobin transports oxygen around your body and to your baby and if levels are low you can basically at times feel very weak and tired.



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