Favorite Food While Preggo

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E - October 23

Mine happen to be spinach dip and apple crisp. My baby kicks like crazy after apple crisp so I eat it all the time, 1 pan a week:) Anyone want to share their favs?


K - October 23

I just had apple crisp today because I was craving it too!! lol but I usually crave cookies and Milk or lemonade.Watermellon is a big one too


christie - October 24

I make apple juice with my juicer every day. I LOVE this... golden delicious apples are the best. I feel deprived it I don't get it.


Mellissa - October 24

I used to DETEST deep-fried foods but now, I can't get enough of French fries! I still can't stand anything else deep-fried but man, do I love those stupid fried potatoes.


E - October 24

LOL:) I used to eat fruit rollups by the box and the day I got pregnant I stopped eating them. I started craving meat and would fantasize all day about chicken a'la king or chicken and gravy over potatoes. This is coming from a vegetarian. I still think about tuna but can't seem to get myself to buy a can at the store. I often walk past it and stare for awhile b4 leaving. I am WIERD!!


Mellissa - October 24

E: it makes me think of that "Friends" episode where Pheobe is pregnant with triplets and, as a vegetarian, starts craving meat. She strikes a deal with Joey and he agrees to stop eating meat for her pregnancy so she can eat his share. This way, no more animals had to die for the meat because she was simply eating what he would have been eating anyways!


E - October 24

I loved that episode! I am veg b/c I have been sacrificing lab animals for the last several years and it disgusts me to think of eating flesh. A rat's brain resembles a chicken nugget so that food was the first to go.


Lil - October 25

E, not to get off the subject, but please tell me that along with being veggie, you have stopped sacrificing lab rats... I hope so. Thanks


Laura - October 25

I was quasi-vegetarian before I got pregnant--I only ate chicken or fish a couple times per week. As soon as I got pregnant I started craving meat! Now I love sausages and bacon...lol I can't believe how quickly my tastes changed. I also drink lots of milk and I've started drinking tea every day...I know the caffiene isn't great but it really gives me a boost in the morning when I feel cold and tired and want to go back to bed instead of going to work. :)


E - October 25

Lil, I am sorry to say, I still sacrifice the critters. I am a hypocrite and do not deny it. I feel sorry for animals that are eaten for sense gratification yet I hold a job which requires me to do something I hate. I plan to find a new job as a research coordinator after we leave Boston next year. It will require me to work with human participants only.


T - October 26

I used to eat chocolate like it had gone out of fashion - we are talking 6 o 7 bars a day! And I had a really big sweet tooth! Once I got pregnant even the word chocolate made me feel sick and I could smell it a mile off! I even went off everything even slightly sweet, everything had to be sugar free and I lived on apples and unsweetened lemon tea!! Even now I can’t really eat chocolate, don’t even get the taste for it anymore! Strange how much your tastes can change and how quickly!! Anyone had anything really Yucky???


Marie - October 26

my favorite food at the mo is poppadoms with onion relish. just as well i have a good indian takeway just down the road from where i live. I hope spicy food is ok when pregnant?


JJ - November 3

Pickeled beetroot - the little ones - Sweet and purple and delicious - can't open a jar without emptying it. Oh, and then there's chocolate of course - eat a lot of chocolate and you have a happy baby - that's what the Danish say. Yep, used to be skinny before this whole pregnancy thing started ...


Shannon - November 3



daen - November 7

crackers with vegemite and b___ter also rasberry juice and ice blocks


KM - November 7

chocolate lol


Shawna - November 9

I am loving Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes with lots of cheese or Fries with Mustard...LOL...Yes I know it sounds gross, but I love it....Baby 3 and Due March 17th....



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