Feedback Wanted From Mothers That Battle A Mental Illness

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anna - February 1

My husband and I want to get pregnant later this yeart. I am 33 years old. Due to my medical history I am very concerned about pregnancy and delivery. Past and present Medical conditions include arthritis, vulvitis, hemorrhoids and most importantly Borderline Personality Disorder. Due to this condition I experience a lot of feelings of anxiety, grief and anger.I am on meds and in therapy for this condition.I would like to receive feedback from mothers that battle(d)a mental illness and their personal experience with pregnancy and delivery ;either va___al birth or C-section. Non judgemental, informative feedback is appreciated.


jb - February 1

I can only comment on the arthritis part since this is the only one that I can relate to. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and went through 2 pregnancy's with it. I am her second child. She had symptoms of RA before each of the pregnancy's but while she was pregnant, they all went away. After each delivery the symptoms came back. It was as if her body knew to "back off" so to speak and let her baby develop each time. Unfortunately after giving birth to me, the symptoms came back and her arthritis developed more and more. This was also back in the 1970's when they didn't know much about RA. In fact because there was no visible symptoms that she had, they thought she was crazy. She spent several weeks at a time in the hospital after I was born. It was basically bedrest, which if you have arthritis is one of the worst things you can do. Technology wasn't so great back then so there weren't a lot of tests or medications to give people with RA. As a result she has had her wrists fused, joints in her hands have ruptured, both knees have been replaced, etc, etc. If it wasn't for the meds that we have now, she probably wouldn't be able to walk at all. She does buzz around in one of those motorized carts at the shopping mall, but only when she is planning on going long distances. Now basically, that is not meant to scare you. That is actually suppose to give you hope. That is just how things were back in the 70's. With all the medical improvements we have now, I think it is quite possible for you to have a happy, healty pregnancy. I think the best thing you can do is to talk to your doctor about wanting to get pregnant. I am sure they can give you the best information. Also, if you need to stay on meds all the time, it is quite possible to do now a days. I wish you the best of luck. I hope things work out for you. :-)


Drew - February 1

I suffer from bi-polar disorder, and I'm in the 29th week of my third pregnancy (my second pregnancy was a missed miscarriage of twins). My daughter is 7 years old now, and she was a normal v____al complications. I have been diagnosed bpd with insomnia and severe anxiety disorder for about 10 years now. I was a cutter (my arms are a mess) and I myself was a mess. I think my best advice would be to first make sure you are well enough mentally to endure pregnancy and parenthood. By this I mean your feelings of grief and anger are managed well enough that you can function through the day without thoughts of harming yourself or others. If that means daily medication, see if your doctor can set you up on medication that's going to make you feel well mentally, but which you can also take during pregnancy. That part is important....I'm sure you know about the hormones of pregnancy, well they can intensify your feelings of grief and anger, and especially the anxiety. There are medications out there that can be used during pregnancy, but you should be on them long enough to determine wether or not they will be effective in controlling your symptoms. I'd also find an ob/gyn who is non-judgemental which you trust. Not only for your physical conditions, but also your mental health conditions because it's very important for this doctor to know about all your diagnosis and medications so they can take care of your needs. When I had my little girl she was a "surprise" and I wasn't really mentally ready for the change in my life ect. There were a couple years where I was still having problems with depression, and it's so much harder to deal with when you have a baby. I finally got put on the right meds, and with lots of therapy I can finally function "normally" and I feel like a new person. I'm ready for this baby this time, and it's such a good feeling!! Good luck to you, I hope you can find a plan that works for you!! :)


Nicole - February 3

Hi Anna. I have a history of minor anxiety attacks and a few episodes of depression.I am 30 yrs old and experienced post natal depression after the birth of my first child who is now 19 mnths old.I received medication which helped but had to stop the medication when we decided to fall pregnant again.I am now 16 weeks pregnant,am just recovering from hyperemesis gravidarum(severe morning sickness) and am currently battling with depression and anxiety.I am on medication for the anxiety but am in desperate need of an anti depressant which I have been told by my doctor I am far enough along now to have. I have a very stable marriage and my home and financial matters are very comfortable.I also have a very caring support base of family.I don't believe I became depressed for any particular reason other than the fact that I have those tendencies.My first pregnancy was lovely and my elective caesarian was a breeze. My son is perfect but the post natal depression cheated me out of a lot of special moments.This pregnancy has been incredibly traumatic,firstly because of the hyperemesis and now the depression.The baby is very healthy but I am well aware of the fact that in my present condition I will not be able to cope with a newborn.I am presently waiting to hear if and when I will be placed on medication.Sooner rather than later I hope because I would like to enjoy what is left of my pregnancy especially as my chances of getting post natal depression again are good. I am not sure if my experience has given you any insight but I certainly hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy and birth experience.Good Luck.Whatever happens,the end result(your baby) is all worth it.



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