Feel The Baby Kick

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Leena15 - November 1

I am on week 21 of my first pregnancy. I have still not felt the baby kick (only slight kicks occasionally). The last u/s a week ago looked good but am very anxious to feel him move. Can anyone tell me if we feel the kicks later or should I have felt it by now?


Charlene - November 1

I am in the same boat. I am 22 weeks today and really not absolutely sure what I have felt. If all looks good on u/s and Dr has no worries, you should not either. Sometimes it is just where your placenta is and where baby is. I think we long for those big kicks for rea__surance......soon enough we'll be begging the baby to stop and give us a break. best wishes


Becky - November 1

I had my 20-week u/s yesterday, and the baby was moving around like an acrobat, at one point folded in half like a taco! I sure hope he/she settles down a bit before long, because I think I will be really uncomfortable to have anything bigger moving around like that. A couple times I felt the movements I saw, so I am sure what I've been feeling IS the baby. I think the movements feel like gas bubbles, nerve twitches, or little thumps. But I have yet to feel them on the outside, and my husband is really anxious for that! Does anyone know when I will feel those??


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 1

I first felt my baby at 14 and a half weeks, and he never stopped moving the whole pregnancy. Very painful once you are 8 and 9 mos preganant. At 9 weeks ultrasound we saw his two little legs just moving like he was running a marathon, I knew I was in trouble. The first movements are hard to detect, they are a fluttering, more like gas actually and sort of few and far between. Most people feel them first between 19 and 22 weeks. My friend has a 9 month old and never felt her move the whole pregnancy, and she was healthy and perfect. It depends on baby, mom, and positioning of everything in the uterus, everyone is different. Good luck to you all! Mu hubby could not feel baby until about 23 or 25 weeks though.


Becky - November 1

At my 14-wk u/s, mine's legs were moving like that, too! Uh oh!!


M.F - November 1

Hi! Leena15, I stared feeling my baby move at21 weeks. Im now 28weeks I too was anxious to feel the baby move. soon you will it's start off with flutters then movements don't worry you'll feel it soon this is also my first pregnacy.... Good Luck!!


:o) - November 1

I started to feel my baby kick between 12 and 16 weeks. This is my second so I knew what it was when I felt it. Now that I am 36 weeks he isn't moving as much as he use to because I don't think he has enough room anymore!


gr - November 1

Relax, many babys are turned in such a way that you really can't feel much. I remember going to the ultra sound and seeing the baby kick and hearing the thud on the ultrasound but still not feeling it. Also my placenta was positioned on the front wall of my uterus so when the baby was kicking the placenta was softening the b__w.



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