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Evy - September 9

I am entering my 18th week and I have not felt baby yet! I want to so badly but I know it is early. Are there anythings I should be looking out for? Thanks for any suggestions.


M. - September 9

Hi! I myself Im 21 weeks and have'nt felt my baby move yet there is really not much we can do make it or feel it move I feel the same way and I can't wait to feel it move! ;0)


Lisa - September 9

I believe it feels like a fluttering; since the babys bones have not harderned yet you won't be able to feel it kick or elbow you yet; but you should be able to feel it somewhat. I'm 15 weeks and I can feel fluttering, mostly after I eat.


Evy - September 9

M, I am with you. I keep moving my tummy and lying on my sides at night hoping for something...my mom says I won't even know when it happens the first time since I will think it is indigestion or gas...lol..I wonder if that is true.....do you have a doppler? I do and I love it but I think I will finally be able to let it go when I can start feeling the baby move....Hope you feel it soon..


Evy - September 9

Lisa, that is great....Is this your first?


Lisa - September 9

This is my first! I did not think I would be able to feel anything either; and at first I thought it was gas bubbles too...but they feel slightly different then the gas bubbles. When I had my US the baby was moving and know I know for sure what was the gas feeling and was is the baby moving about...it was really amazing! I still get a lot of gas bubbles thought (ugh!)


Evy - September 9

Sooo envious....but i am not a patient person to begin with at all. I think I am trying to hard...lol..it will probably happen when I least expect it...Is it pretty continuous for you (like everyday)..or does it come and go like ligaments stretching?


megan - September 10

i felt my baby move at 15 weeks it was like a little fluttering but now that im 22 weeks my baby has kick for the frist time and its the best thing in the world. being my frist baby and all


oh HI ! - September 10

LISA ; I hope you didn't think I was abandoning you last night .


To Oh HI! - September 10

No! Not at all... :o)


kEEKEE - September 10

In the beginning the movement feel like gas bubbles. So you maybe missing the movements. Or if this your first pregnancy you not feel movement until the 24th week. Don't worry!! Soon you will be feeling kicks and movement all night. Good Luck!!!


lacy - September 10

I didn't feel baby move until i was around 21 weeks. it is very very low in your abdomen. mine kicks a lot at night, mostly when I lay on my back. Drink a cup of something very cold and lay down...good luck, you'll feel it soon!



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