Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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Proudmommy2four - April 10

This is my fourth child and yes you do feel things earlier when you are in tune to it but to be that rude and say that you don't care about your children and just being utterly rude... I can not believe anyone would say some thing like that what makes them think they are so much better than anyone else...


dshrinx - December 30

I know it's a bazillion years later and we are all still arguing...so my two cents. I'm not pregnant....Never have been. I'm not a doctor and I have no professional opinion of the like. From what I've heard and read it's unlikely that this woman (pg 1 8 yrs ago whose kid is now 7 years old) felt the baby move. Maybe she is really in tune with her body as many women suggested on here. Very possible! Except for maybe a few women on here that said it was impossible (still an opinion) everyone offered their own opinion which is what this woman asked for....She said "thoughts....?" Any thoughts are acceptable, and I'm sorry if any of you felt "attacked" or have "a terrible life and felt patronized" or whatever. That's on your own time. Accept that everyones experiences and advice is different and move on. If you're pregnant and hormonal fine, but have enough sense not to read something that will potentially upset you. No need to tell people that they're "raining on your parade" or "dismissing everyones possible baby movement," its just a different opinion. My friend asked if she was pregnant even though she used a condom, used plan b, and bled. Now am I going to tell her 100% positive she's not...nope but I did tell her she should hang with Jesus and Mary if she is and that there's a 0.000000000000000000001% chance she is...? Yes! Please be more respectful. We are allllll women. That's my two cents anyway after reading some comments on this forum and felt the need to register just to add this. Thanks for reading if you did:)


Sabrinamax - November 8

I'm 10 and a half week pregnant and when I do lay on my stomach I can feel my baby move... usually to let me know I'm not in a confortable position.. always in the same place ... I had felt my son also at 11 weeks at my first pregnancy... I'm sure of this cuz it worried me at my first pregnancy and my doctor confirmed.. all depends on how you feel your body.. some feel more than others.. my best friend get her second baby at 12 weeks but for her 3 other pregnancy only felt them around 16-17 weeks...


UpAllNight83 - December 3

I   !


UpAllNight83 - December 3

I'm not seeing enough in the way of descriptions to know what to think about all this. I believe that women can become very closely tuned into their bodies and each knows their own body best but if someone is "feeling their baby" in a way that anatomically doesn't make sense or plain isn't physically possible it doesn't seem in the best interest of education to continue to say it is. 



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