Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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J - July 28

There is no question that a baby at 10 or 12 weeks is constantly moving but just think of how big it is how could you possibly feel it? It is about the size of a bean I really doubt you can feel it moving. There is so much stretching and bodily changes going on you probably mistake that for movement.


s - July 28

if you are a really thin person, i think you could feel something.....who cares.....


Kristin - July 28

I am 10 weeks along and i felt like "b___terflies in my stomach" im almost positive i felt my baby move!


Margot - July 29

Thanks Sue! I have been busier than normal with work and at home and I am worrying about the amnio I am having next week so that could be an explanation!. To those who want to spoil others excitement with their coments: when I had my nuchal translucency scan at 13 weeks and I mentioned those small movememts to the doctor, he said that it is common to start to feel bubbles this early on; some women are more aware of their bodies than others. This was incidentally a male doctor so he could only have commented on women´s experiences.


Jane - July 29

Nuchal Translucency test is done by an ultrasound technician, not by doctors. So your male professional was just going along with you and 13 weeks is not 10 weeks BTW.


Margot - July 29

I know my nuchal translucency test was done by a doctor; a gynaecologist, and reputable one. I know who he is, I know his name and I know what he does. Not every part in the world has the same system! Why argue about other people´s facts?


Oh my goodness!!!! - July 29

OK when I found out I was pregnant with both my babies I weighted 100 lbs. and am 5'2" and never felt either baby move until later in the 4th month. There is no way you can feel a baby move as early as 10 or 12 weeks unless you have super powers. The baby is tooooo small and tucked away so deeply in your body. You probably are feeling gas or stretching that is going on inside your uterus. I think we should just sit here all day and argue about this. Get on any website and it will tell you when you would normally feel movement.


to Margot - July 30

I felt tiny movements at 14 weeks for about a week, then nothing until 17 weeks or so. I think what happened was that baby was in a certain position, making it possible for me to feel, then moved away from that area of the uterus, and it wasn't till a few weeks later that baby was big enough for me to start feeling the movements again. And as for those women on here who say that you can't feel your baby at this time because that's what they read, blah, blah, blah etc...what you read is an AVERAGE, do you know what that is? It means that while a large number of women don't feel their baby move until 16 weeks or so, EVERYBODY is different, and some of us are much more in tune with our bodies than others. Don't patronise people by telling them that you know what is going on in their bodies, or worse, saying "if that's what you want to believe, keep telling yourself it's your baby you're feeling". You are talking to grown women, not 3 year olds. I'm aware that this is qiute an old post, but it is still relevant


Lil - July 30

yes, at 12-13 weeks ... but this thread talks about movement at 10 weeks! Impossible!


Deb - July 30

Impossible, until it happens to you. Months ago I would have said the same and argued it forever, now I know different.


Margot - August 1

To "to Margot" I am glad you coincide with me. I agree with your coments too. I am happy to say that I am today 15 weeks and feeling baby move again, its just been happening while I have been sitting at work, just little tiny flutters on my right side every so often so not only movement is back but there is more of it! so I feel more relaxed now. I have now been feeling my baby for over 4 weeks, a little more every time. Its great!


Jen - August 1

I had my 12 week appt. and that morning I could have sworn I felt a strong kick. When I got to my doctor I did have an ultrasound and asked her about the movement I felt we measured the baby and the doctor did say it was too early to feel movement she said I probably had gas or felt some type of stretching. I did however start to feel real movement about 3 weeks later.


to Deb - August 1



liz - August 3

i am 12 weeks pregnant and i have been feeling my baby moving around for the past week so yes i am sure you can feel your baby move as early as 10 weeks.


Julie - August 4

My girlfriend is an OB and I asked her this same question and she said it is impossible. You must all be feeling your uterus stretching or having gas. The baby is sooooooooooo small at this point you can't possibly feel it.


blah, blah, blah... - August 6

why do people continue to insist that they know this womans' (and others who say they feel baby moving early) body better than she does? ALL babies grow and develop at a different rate, meaning that some may make their presence felt a little earlier than the "norm" simply because they are a little bigger than others of the same age. I wish people would stop taking the averages that are provided to give a general guideline as gospel, no-one knows a womens' body better than herself.



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