Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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blah, blah, blah... - August 6

why do people continue to insist that they know this womans' (and others who say they feel baby moving early) body better than she does? ALL babies grow and develop at a different rate, meaning that some may make their presence felt a little earlier than the "norm" simply because they are a little bigger than others of the same age. I wish people would stop taking the averages that are provided to give a general guideline as gospel, no-one knows a womens' body better than herself.


Margot - August 6

to blah blah blah! Well said. My baby measured 6mm longer than what is considered average at 13 weeks so maybe this is why I have been feeling my baby from around week 11 like a tiny buterfly which I only noticed when I was lying still. The movement has been getting a little stronger every week. I am now in my 16th week and baby is making some definite movements. My daughter even felt them yesterday when they started and she put her hand on my tummy. It was so exciting! I know how to distinguish between gas and my baby moving and I am sure every other woman who has felt her baby move early on knows how to as well. Its also more common to feel your baby early on when you have been pregnant before and are suddenly reminded what feeling your baby inside felt like in your previous pregnancies. All the best!


Tomi - August 7

To the previous comment for everyone on here saying that it is impossible to feel your baby move, did you take into consideration that all babies are different sizes. My first daughter was almost 10 pounds. now again I am pregnant about 10 weeks and I can feel the baby move. Or maybe it is that some people are more in touch with what is actually going on in their bodies. I think you would really have to be dumb to not know the difference between that an gas PLEASE!!!!!!!


sonia - August 7

i am sure this movement it your baby YES it your baby and i am sure it baby BOY good luck ! it so cute to feel your baby that age


Kristin - August 9

I am 13.5 weeks today and I felt something earlier today while I was sitting really still trying to rest. It felt just like a fluttering on my left side where the doctor finally found the heartbeat about a week ago. This is my first and I am slightly overweight. I thought it was impossible to feel baby move this early on but I'm pretty d__n sure that's what it was this morning. Didn't feel like any gas I've ever had! Anyway, felt just like what a lot of you have been describing... I totally believe that you can feel the baby earlier than what the books say!


lila - August 9

this is an interesting post, because I have been feeling what I think is movement since week 13 (just last week). I have had a baby before, it really feels like those beginning b___terfly flutters--I would think gas, but gas is higher and a different feeling. I am doubting myself, but, really, it seems it could be possible. By the way, someone posted that the baby is the size of a bean at 12-14 weeks, not quite, closer to the size of large peach! Anyway, it annoying that some people are so close-minded that they think they know another woman's body better than she does!


Kristin - August 9

Lila, I couldn't agree more. I saw that somebody said the baby was the size of a bean and was just thinking how ignorant that statement was. I think they were trying to prove their point a little too much. Anyway, I felt the fluttering for a second time today so I am right there with you...


J - August 9

I agree you might be able to feel it about 13 weeks but I think 10 weeks is a little too early. I am very thin and didn't feel either of my babies until around week 16 with my first I didn't feel him until week 20 and trust me I used to lay down and try hard to feel it.


Tomi - August 9

that is the whole point you are trying to feel it. You say you are thin so I am guessing your babies normally are what 6-8 punds at the most. I am average size, but my babies are always pushing 10 punds. Which you might figure my baby at 10 weeks could be the size of your baby at 16 weeks. I do not have to try and feel it, I just can. Trust me at first I thought no way!!!!! I didn't feel my first baby till about 24 weeks. the doctor did confirm my movements for me.


E - August 9

There is little variability between persons and the size of their embryo in the first trimester. Your embryo at 10 weeks is very close in size as the next person's embryo at the same number of weeks, in the 1st trimester.


CLB - August 14

I have just past 12 weeks and I have started feeling mild flutters over the past 3 days, usually whilst lying still. I dont know whether it is gas or the baby, all I know is that Ive never felt flutterings like this before I was pregnant. I am due a scan in 1.5 weeks time and will be interested to know if there is more than 1 baby and whether this makes a difference to how soon you feel movement.


Deb - August 15

The movements are not enough to be felt on the outside, baby IS too small for that. We're talking inside. It's not common, but it's possible.


Margot - August 15

CLB, I have definitely felt movement from week 12-13 as I am now nearly 18 weeks pregnant and I am still feeling the same movements only stronger. Recently I have been able to feel a tiny kick when I put my hand to my tummy and he is moving (I already know he is a boy), this happens especially when I have eaten something sweet! Dont worry if you don´t feel your baby for a few days at this stage as this happened to me and nothing was wrong, he must have just changed position.


tmi - August 15

tmi sorry. anybody have pin worms as a child? pretty small but you could feel them. i dont doubt these girls. ps dont let your children play in public parks without washing their hands.


sharon - August 28

im having my 6th and each pregnancy the movement gets earlier and earlier you know the difference between gas and movement so forget the doctors and go by what you feel and enjoy


marlene - August 29

i'm 10wks and felt that same feeling at 8wks. to me it was more like a flutter from one side to the other then went away. every woman is different and w/pregnancy i have learned that nothing is going to be exactly the same for everyone. anything is possible!! goodluck!!



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