Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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marlene - August 29

i'm 10wks and felt that same feeling at 8wks. to me it was more like a flutter from one side to the other then went away. every woman is different and w/pregnancy i have learned that nothing is going to be exactly the same for everyone. anything is possible!! goodluck!!


suuuurrrreeee..... - August 29

You ladies amuse me... eight weeks?? ten weeks?? Read up on fetal development... an eight week old baby is the size of your thumb, and buried deep within you. Ten weeks, baby is still tiny, tiny and surrounded in amniotic fluid... you CANT feel it yet, unless your dates are wrong. Fetal size is constant in the first trimester and there is little variation from woman to woman... I am sure you are anxious to feel your baby but it just isn't possible this early in your pregnancy... sorry but true. look up any fetal development web site and see for yourself.


To Sure: - August 30

My fetal movement was confirmed when I had an ultra-sound at 11 weeks and the baby was moving and I could feel it. Some people just have to shoot down anything good that others experience. If these ladies think they feel fetal movement then so be it. You just get enjoyment over raining on people's parades. You did not have to post that! If you disagree then keep it to yourself instead of ruining somebody's day. Keep in mind, you are telling this to hormonal woman who are going through a lot right now and sometimes positive things like fetal movements are the only things that keep them going on a day to day basis.


sharon - August 30

well said i agree fully


suuuuurrrreeee... - August 30

Well, I suppose you can believe in Santa and the tooth fairy too, if that makes you feel better... but that dont make it real... your movement was not 'confirmed' by the fact that the u/s showed your baby moving - baby moves all over - point is, he's too little for you to feel, and that isn't my opinion, it's medical fact. Again, look up any fetal development site and see for yourself. It's not to rain on anyones parade, it's just not possible that early in a pregnancy... sorry but TRUE.


one more thing... - August 30

And the women that post that they are feeling movement at 8, 10 weeks are causing a lot of worry for those who then start wondering why they cant feel their babies until say, the 16th to 20th weeks of pregnancy - which is the benchmark of when one actually does start feeling a baby move...sometimes a LITTLE earlier, sometimes later.... again, sorry but true.


To Sureee - August 30

Are you a medical doctor?


Erin - August 30

Most likely not. I think in extreme cases in second pregnancies, maybe... but probably just gas right now. With my first pregnancy, I noticed movement that was obvious at 15 weeks, so you certainly don't have long! Right now, the baby is only 1.5 inches.


Suuurrrreeee.... - August 30

I dont have to be a doctor, I can read. Here are a few fetal development hits off of yahoo... When should I start to feel my baby move? You probably won't feel your baby kick until sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, even though he started moving at 7 or 8 weeks and you may have already witnessed his acrobatics if you've had an ultrasound. BABYCENTER.COM When should I start to feel fetal movement? By week seven, the embryo is already squirming about. But at this point it's so small you can't possibly feel its periodic contortions. You may feel those first momentous kicks, called "quickening," anywhere from the 14th to the 26th weeks of pregnancy. The usual time frame is more like 18 to 22 weeks, though, especially for first pregnancies. Veteran moms tend to feel fetal movement earlier than first-time moms. AHEALTHYME.COM When should I start to feel my baby move? You probably won't feel your baby kick until sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, even though he started moving at 7 or 8 weeks and you may have already witnessed his acrobatics if you've had an ultrasound. Veteran moms tend to notice those first subtle kicks -- also known as "quickening" -- earlier than first-time moms BABYCONNECTION.COM (And I could do this all day long.) Sorry, but true.


Tomi - August 30

notice in the notes it says probably, That new moms do not feel anything so early. when everyone is talking about movement, it is not actual kicking or whatever. I was in the doctors office when I felt the quickening at 11 weeks which I feel everyday. My doctor actual could feel it also when she had her hand on my stomach. Yes it does feel like a bubble moving through, but it is actually the baby. And to the person that says no matter who you are at this time everyones is basically the same size it's not. I am now 12 weeks exactly this was a planned pregnancy we now exactly when we got pregnant, but my fetus is 15 weeks in size.


ssuuuurrrrreeee.... - August 30

Ok, Tomi, you feel the baby at 11 weeks, and the other mom was on target at 8 weeks, and the other at 10. You somehow you have the superhuman power to feel the baby by putting your hand on your stomache at 11 weeks.... From WWW.Birth.com: From conception to 12 weeks. Before 12 weeks of the pregnancy the uterus is contained within the bones of the woman's pelvis and cannot be felt through her belly. After about 12 weeks, the uterus begins to grow up and out of the pelvis and is able to be palpated by your caregiver (and you), usually by just being able to touch the very top of the uterus (or the 'fundus'). (funny how you can feel a baby INSIDE the uterus that is the size of a pear inbetween your pelvic bones...) From 12 to 20 weeks. From 12 to 20 weeks of the pregnancy your caregiver will feel your belly as part of every routine pregnancy visit. During this phase the baby is not large enough for your caregiver to detect their position, so the main aim of palpating before 20 weeks is just to ensure that the uterus is actually growing, hopefully at a progressive rate. (Yet you can feel the child moving like a bubble across your stomach at 11 weeks, huh?) Oh well, you can have your fantasy but women who are worried about why they cant feel movement at 8-12 weeks can rest easy now... by the way, dont forget the cookies for santa.


kris A. - August 30

While Suuurrreee seems a little b*tchy, I agree with what they are writing... I have had a very threatened pg, and had scans at 8, 10, 12,16,18 and 26 weeks and I am now safe and happy at 28 weeks - knock on wood- but the doctors did say what "sure" is saying - it is not physically possible for a baby to be felt at 10 weeks - it is just too small and too deep inside you for you to feel. However, I do believe in Santa! :) best of luck to everyone!


stunned - August 30

why does it even matter? if they can or can't why on earth have you got your panties in such a bunch over this. This is almost as heated as the pot toking moms and abortion threads. some of you really have so little going on that you would argue over whether this person felt her baby or not? if your gonna b___h about something can't it at least be interesting? i am just not getting "the need to be right" over something so trivial!


to stunned. - August 30

Because 1) I have nothing better to do and 2) I enjoy a debate and there is nothing interesting going on in the other threads... and as I said in my first post, when people post they feel the baby at 8 or 10 weeks, it makes others wonder why they cant feel theirs, and makes them anxious for another 2 to 3 months waiting for that magic moment. Valid information should not be frowned upon, and that is all I have supplied. That may offend some, but it is valid and doc_mented information that may actually help some people.... I may have been a little b*tchy in my writing, but the information is correct, so dont kill the messenger... if I hurt your feelings, I am sorry - but it is true. (ok, that was b___hy again, hehehe... maybe it's the hormones?) Love, ssssuuuuurrrreeeee.


To Sure: - August 30

Yes you did hurt my feelings. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am a soon to be single mother who has been through hell in the last couple of months... I do feel the baby move, I know I do and that is that. To me, that is the only positive thing in my life right now. You have no idea what my life's been like and I am the one that felt quickening at 11 weeks, I am now 17 weeks and I am feeling the same thing but a little stronger. I have had two conversations with my doctor about it, and she has never said one negative word about it. In fact, she said that some thinner moms who are in tune with their body can feel movements at that point. So call me a liar, or imaginitive, I don't care. I think you are a sick person who likes to get the last word in and likes to argue even if you are wrong.


suuuuureeee.... - August 30

sorry your life isn't going well, but I am not wrong, unless every fetal development guide ever written is wrong, and your uterus is different than other women. Your doctor probably sensed your unhappiness and depression and let you think what you like... which, I guess, is your own business, so think what you like... but when other women come online looking for information and hit this site and it looks like they should be able to feel the baby at 8 to 10 weeks, they should know that isn't possible, that's why I backed up what I said with other searches on reputable web sites, and there are hundreds more that say the same thing - not to prove you wrong, but to put accurate info on this, sorry if you took it personnally, but it is out there because many women wonder Like I said, dont kill the messenger. I am sorry you are having a tough time though, and I hope things look up for you - and I do mean that sincerely. Good luck to you and your baby.



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