Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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suuuuureeee.... - August 30

sorry your life isn't going well, but I am not wrong, unless every fetal development guide ever written is wrong, and your uterus is different than other women. Your doctor probably sensed your unhappiness and depression and let you think what you like... which, I guess, is your own business, so think what you like... but when other women come online looking for information and hit this site and it looks like they should be able to feel the baby at 8 to 10 weeks, they should know that isn't possible, that's why I backed up what I said with other searches on reputable web sites, and there are hundreds more that say the same thing - not to prove you wrong, but to put accurate info on this, sorry if you took it personnally, but it is out there because many women wonder Like I said, dont kill the messenger. I am sorry you are having a tough time though, and I hope things look up for you - and I do mean that sincerely. Good luck to you and your baby.


hmmmm - August 30

"Sure" - People used to laugh when it was said the earth was round and revolved around the Sun. The websites you have looked at all say the same thing because years back someone asked a group of women when they felt their babies first move, then simply took an average, and that became the norm. Doctors, nurses and midwives use this average because that is what they have learnt in Med school. Just because something is considered normal and true by a majority doesn't make it so. Science is constantly changing it's theories as new discoveries are made. I would suggest to "sure" that you start opening your eyes to the world around you, think for yourself, and stop believing everything you read just because it is based on a majority opinion. No-one knows a womans' body better than herself, no, not even a "flat-earther" like yourself who has believed everything they have been told without question. Be careful, you might just fall off the edge of the earth, haha!


Margot - August 31

Like stunned, I cant believe this subject can cause such a heated debate. I have posted enough on previous occasions on this thread to explain what I have been feeling during my pregnancy but it still makes me angry when people like suuuure come and tell us all we are misinformed stupid women who obviously have not bothered to read anything. We have ALL read what the web sites say, we have not limited our reading to checking this thread! I too felt my baby at around 12 weeks. I am now 20 weeks and those tiny and sporadic movements which could have been probably missed had I not been pregnant before and knew what they felt like are now, at 20 weeks quite strong and I can feel them during many times in the day. Like other women, I have also spoken to my gynaecologist about this and no, she hasnt just agreed with me like I was a deluded demented mother who couldnt be contradicted in her state. Having been a mother twice herself, when I have described what I have been feeling she has agreed it is possible. Relax! go and direct your energies elsewhere if you dont agree with the mothers on this thread who are talking about their rewarding experiences! We will all have our babies in the end and these arguments will seem so trivial and absurd.


Tomi - September 3

i agree i only posted on this web site at first to see if other women feel it to. I am not trying to make people who think they should already feel their baby move worried. I know that I am not supposed to feel it yet. WIth my first pregnancy I didn't feel movements for a long time. I just think that anyone who doesn't have something positive to say on here shouldn't. I thought this was a sight that pregnant mothers who thought they did feel the baby move came to and talked. Not the ones who never have. I think that if you do have doubts talk to your doctor which I did. NOW if suuuurrrreee would like to call my doctor I would be glad to give you the number. She described it to me as the opposite of whta you are saying. You say everybody's uterus is the same wrong. Yes we all have mouths hands hair eyes b___sts toes blah blah but nobody's are the same just basically same as your insides sweetie please talk yo your doctor about that. yes they are called the same thing and around the same place, but not really that similar!


Kristin - September 3

Tomi, well said. Thank you :)


G - September 3

Oh suuuuure....Thank you so much for your infinite wisdom about fetal movement. I just don't know what us dumb pregnant ladies would have done without you to set us straight. I mean, until I read your post, I thought I would get a big kick in the gut on the exact moment of conception. Get off your high horse. You don't know everything.


jackie - September 6

I felt the baby the other day and for the last few days I don't feel him and It makes me nervous but I felt little bubbles about 20 weeks.


Kristin - September 6

Jackie, don't worry about it. I feel the baby move a few days in a row and then don't feel it again for days. It is completely normal. Try not to worry about it... easier said than done but from what I understand it's very common.


Very small person - September 6

I am normally 100 lbs. and haven't felt any of my babies move until around 17 weeks. Yes ultrasound can confirm movement but it doesn't mean that the mother actually feels it. Sure the baby is in there flipping around for weeks before we actually feel it. I thought I felt my second at around 12 weeks but my doctor said this is too early??? There is so much going on in there is is possible that stretching and growing could be mistakin for baby movement.


Jackie - September 6

Thanks Kristin, I just lost two babies and everything right now makes me soooo nervous. I know it will be ok but I am still human and movement to me is a positive sign. thanks again you really made me feel better. I was on the verge of crying.


Kristin - September 6

You're welcome Jackie, I understand your worries. That's what we are here for is to help each other during times of worry. I know it's too easy to have negative thoughts when you are pregnant so it helps to hear that somebody else is experiencing the same thing. I'm glad I could help :)


me - December 20

I am almost 12 weeks . Two days ago, after a large meal, I went to lay down and felt a flopping rolling movement in my uterus. I am certain it was the baby. However, this is the 4th time I have been pregnant.


pinidion - August 5

in answer to the person who posted that a fetus at 11 weeks gestation is only as big as a bean, thats one pretty big bean! I'm 66 dpo and exactly 11 weeks preg today (as per dr) and my bean is 4.3 cm (1.75 inches) I feel the gas bubbles as well, too not sure what they are but its nice to think they are baby


christa0120 - August 5

The original post is from Dec. 2004...Time to move on


MommyKarah - August 6

Hun at 10 weeks of pregnancy it is it pretty impossble to be feeling the fetus move, A fetus at 10 weeks of pregnancy is ONLY about an inch long and wieghs less then a quarter of an ounce.. he/she arms and legs are much to small to make any movments that you would really feel although the fetus (just turned into a fetus) does move the movments from this little "creture" arent going to be strong enough for you to actually feel them is a couple of week you may start to feel the first little movments "quickening" but for now whatever you are feeling in there is more then likely just gas :-( ... I felt the fist little b___terfly movments rather early at 13 wks 5 days to be exact.. If this isn't your first pregnancy then you are likely to feel the movments sooner then you did in your first pregnancy a lot of woman don't really feel their baby move with their first pregnancy until somewhere around 17-20 weeks..


MommyKarah - August 6

AHH and I just realized how extremely old this post is.lol. Opps..



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