Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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MommyKarah - August 6

AHH and I just realized how extremely old this post is.lol. Opps..


afwife - August 6

it's not possible. the baby looks like a peanut at 10 weeks!!!!!!! how can you possibly feel that? i started feeing movement around 18-19 wks.


Miss - February 2

Ladies, this post is sooo old...how about we just move on.


g_girl - February 5

ssssssssuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~or whatever your name is, is an idiot....seriously! you can copy and paste sh*t all you want...you may want to read the things you are posting. it said right there in the info that you pasted, that people who have had children before may feel movement...not kicks...alot sooner than first time moms. NOBODY on here posted that they are feeling kicking or jabs like that! you and some others keep posting that the baby is the size of a bean, or a peanut...well go in and fill up your sink with water and drop a bean into it...or a peanut and you come back here to this site and tell all of us that the water IN YOUR SINK didn't make any kind of ripple or wave...or that it didn't move at all! yes, the baby is too tiny to kick you or punch you in the ribs, but it says right there in your post that you copied and pasted, that the baby does start flipping around and moving around at 7 or 8 weeks...so no matter what size it is, if you have a bean or a freakin peanut...or anything else that small....you can most definately feel a flutter or bubbly like feeling when the baby flips all over the place. you were just a b___h in your posts and there is really no need to be rude...especially when you obviously don't know what the hell you are talking about!


g_girl - February 5

oh and one more thing...if it were gas, why would gas, now that your pregnant, feel any different than gas BEFORE you were pregnant. stop belittling people! i'm sure that they know what the hell gas feels like~what they became pregnant and now they have different "gas" feelings? c'mon!


moescrilla - February 5

there is a couple girls in the first tri-mester forum that at around 10 weeks felt the baby move. Especially if its not your first pregnancy, you know what you're feeling, and what movement is what. Just because one person didnt feel it at 10 weeks doesnt mean someone else doesnt.


tyler0323 - February 5

im sorry, but anyone who can feel the baby move at 10 weeks is crazy and most likely is feeling gas, and the gas does feel different then if you were not pregnant. a baby at 10 weeks only weight as much as 4 paper clips and is only about 1 inch big. First kid or 5th, that is pretty tiny to be feeling movement inside a large uterus


g_girl - February 5

why the hell would gas feel different if you were pregnant...what would make you think that...IT DOES NOT! gas is gas...and all of my gas feels the same...sorry. i've been pregnant two times already and when i would have gas...it felt the same way it did when i was not pregnant! It came from a different place than this "fluttering feeling". gas doesn't tickle. i don't care how little the fetus weighs, it is not the fetus that people feel...if you'd scroll up everyone is claiming to feel bubbles, or flutters...not a d__n foot coming through their stomach. yes the fetus is the size of a grape...or "bean"...and the uterus is much larger. but no matter the size of the baby, any type of movement will cause ripples in the fluid...giving a fluttering effect. WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO BELIEVE??? AGAIN, GO FILL UP THE SINK AND DROP SOMETHING INTO THE WATER...NO MATTER HOW TINY IT IS OR HOW MUCH IT WEIGHS...THE WATER IS GOING TO MOVE, AND THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE FEEL. as the original poster stated :"Kind of feels like little bubbles moving around"...why are people so stupid?


g_girl - February 5

here....this is something i just copied and pasted from a pregnancy website: When will I feel my baby's first movements? Feeling those first, tiny sensations inside are a key landmark of your pregnancy. And when those movements become vigorous kicks, you know everything is going well. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not even notice your baby moving around immediately because you won't be familiar with the sensation -- which many women describe as a gentle fluttering motion. For a first pregnancy you will probably be aware of something at around 18 to 20 weeks. For subsequent pregnancies, when you know the tell-tale signs, first movements can be felt earlier.


g_girl - February 5

oooh look...i just found more on the same page...let's read on shall we? What is my baby doing in there? After the initial vague stirrings, which some women describe as similar to the flapping of b___terfly wings, your baby's movements become stronger and more regular. As your baby grows, these sensations change so that you start to feel thumping or kicking movements which become stronger as your pregnancy progresses.


moescrilla - February 5

you must have some weird gas....mine is the same pregnant or not....weird.... I know the difference between gas and flutters....so that sucks for you that dont... what also sucks is that people are gonna tell people they dont even know what they're feeling. b___terfly flutters are more than likely movement. cramping, pain etc is probably gas. Now, if you're feeling movement in your stomach at 10 weeks, thats not the baby, lol, but i think people would know that. Or if they say the see a foot, lol...that would be a lie too. But b___terflys and stuff, yes, it is possible.


mlg8 - February 5

I read like the first 2-3 posts then realized t was from Dec 2004 and figured why bother. Why would you even bother posting and debating on a thread that is several years old.


g_girl - February 5

well, i posted knowing it was from 2004, but hopefully it may answer some questions for anyone that comes across it now...that may be wondering~kinda like i was. the dates on alot of these sites are years old...but look at yours and mine and a few others that responded just today...and its 2007!...someone's bound to look for info online just like you and me (something drew you to this site), maybe you were searching for info on fetal movement in early stages of pregnancy, and if not thats ok...someone will be. it made me mad...hormones i guess. so i was hoping that maybe the idiots that act like no-it-alls would come back to look (doubt it since it is 2 years later)...ya never know. again, hope it helps someone someday.


moescrilla - February 5

I posted because....obviously...people have been posting recently.


Nanilli - April 2

I know this posting is very old but here's my 2 cents. I'm 10 weeks today and felt my baby move last night. I thought it may have just been gas or something. However, I haven't had any gas and I felt it during the middle of the night and this morning and even now. It's not like gas.. more like little flutters or very light thumps inside. I have to be sitting pretty still or laying down to feel them, but I believe it is the baby. I haven't felt these at all this pregnancy until now. Btw, this is my second pregnancy (so I do know what the movements feel like). The way I see it, each woman is different.. and each pregnancy is different too. I honestly didn't think it was possible to feel it this early and I was not going out of my way to search for the feeling. All I can say is, I'm happy!


ILoveMyFam - April 2

Nanilli and anyone else - the average baby at 10 weeks gestation is about an inch and a half long and weighs FAR less than a paperclip. I find it VERY hard to believe that at that size, padded w/ amniotic fluid, the uterus, and your stomach fat, that you could feel movement. I was VERY skinny when I got pregnant and didn't feel any definate movement til 16 weeks or so. Gas bubbles and the first movements feel very similar, so that's probably what it is.



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