Feeling Baby Move As Early As 10 Weeks

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KAZ - August 20

When i was 11 weeks pregnant with my son i had an ultrasound and i had been feeling a rolling/ b___terfly sensation for about a week and a half on and off and id just finished telling my doc about it and he had the screen facing him (he hadn't showed me yet so i couldn't see the screen) and i felt it again and told him, well he was surprised! because when i said that my son actually did a half little roll thing and he said that because i was such a low weight myself it was feasible that i felt it (i only weighed 45 kgs at the time) so it is possible.


ausonyamum - January 22

I've read a few pages of this post and it makes me sad for the women who do not have a finely tuned awareness to sensations within their own bodies... and like to merely quote doctors and books to back up their lack of awareness and intunedness. You ladies really missed out on a wonderous miracle... and that is the moment of separation... and I have had 6 pregnancies so I know more clearly each time when that is happening. Let me explain... very early in pregnancy, because of the ma__sive changes our bodies are going through and because of hormones, we have really bad gas rumblings which result in mild but constant little eruptions "downstairs". As the weeks progress, you get to about 9/10 weeks and there is a distant little ripple like a little zigzagging feeling of water moving deep down low in your abdomen - just little quick fluttery bubbly zigzagging movements like a ripple when a pebble is thrown into a teacup! I saw a few pages back women likening it to throwing a bean in the sink... Ok - the uterus is somewhat smaller and the baby is a little bigger so of COURSE there will be a "resultant effect" when something is flipping around inside water inside you! I mean I can feel fluid moving inside my stomach when I've had a big drink! If there was a small lime flipping around in that drink I'd feel it too! Anyhoo... what happens is at first the gas rumblings override the feeling of the baby flipping but then one day you notice the flipping is getting a little stronger than the gas rumblings from time to time and, what's more, there isn't a FART at the end of the movement! As the days and weeks progress, you notice these little flippy feelings start to override the gas rumblings and you start to realise you've been feeling it for quite a while but it's slowly growing stronger as it GROWS and then slowly it gets so big it starts to touch the sides... and THEN you feel KICKS instead of flutters and flips. You women who didn't feel this separation of gas and flutter really missed out - I feel sorry for you - next time stop reading the facts and sit quietly and listen to your body. I bet you don't listen to your kids now that they're no longer in there... perhaps you dismiss them as gas now too?


clindholm - January 23

First of all "ausonyamum" this post is over 4 years old but I feel compelled to respond due to the bitter self importance of your comments. Second, feeling or not feeling a baby's movement at 10 weeks has absolutley no bearing on a mothers ability to love and nurture her children. Third- as far as the moms that you feel so so sorry for b/c they missed out on sure a tender and memorable moment as a rumbling in early pregnancy, a child fills you with so many memorable moments throughout their lives that truly have real meaning that a rumbling is nothing in comparison. You would do well to lose some of the bitterness.


Malica - January 23

I couldn't agree with you more, clindholm. Ausonyamum, just because others had a different experience from you, it does not make their experience in anyway 'wrong' or something to be pitied. Different people have different degrees of sensitivity which is not entirely based on a mental self-awareness as you would suggest but also by real physiological differences. Heck, I had gallstones for 10 full months before they could diagnose because the pain would present itself first in my back, not my front where one would 'typically' feel gallstone pain. There's nothing wrong with that -- I just had a different experience physically because I have a different body. Same goes women and pregnancy. Most women do not have the ability to feel movements as early as you supposedly did. No amount of sitting still and really really thinking about that is going to change the fact that there are very few nerves on your internal organs to sense fine movements, and most women will not feel fetal movement until later. It's pretty d__n condescending of you to a__sume that because of physical differences you've immediately dismissed anyone who couldn't feel fetal movement from the time of conception to be a bad parent who ignores their child! These boards are supposed to be a place for women to turn to for support -- not to be put down like that. Really raises the question of why are you even here if you're not offering support?


aussiegrrrrrrrl - August 7

i do realise this conversation was like 5 years ago but i do want to put my little 2 bobs worth in. this is my 4th pregnancy, and i have felt my baby jumping around in my uterus at 7 weeks. this was proven by ultrasound when lying down in the doctors office. also because i have had 3 previous healthy pregnancies i have felt my babies movements earlier because i know what i am suppose to feel. so i believe it is never to early to feel a baby move. :)


Momnjun07 - November 4

I'm half this forum is being used again!!!:) I've been on a diff forum cause I have done at least 15-20 home tests and all have been negative! That being said if I am indeed prego I'm like 10-11 weeks and I'm feeling baby movements! I have a 3 year old daughter so I know what to expect! I'm curious have any of you ladies that felt early movement have negative tests when you felt them? I have had almost every symptom you can name so I think I am and now that I'm feeling movement it makes me think I'm going crazy! How can I have all the signs and feel movement but have 15-20 negative tests? Any thoughts?!?


Kwood - July 17

I'm 9 weeks & I believe I can feel wave type movements not kicking as such but I know it's not gas as I just went thru a day of vomiting & gastro yesterday so I def know the difference, but not every one will agree but that's their opinion!!!


GodsChildGrace - October 5

I am 10 weeks pregnant with my sixth child. Though it is hard to tell that early because it does feel like gas, yes you can feel your baby. Dont let these people steal your joy of feeling your baby move. Every pregnancy is different as well as every person. When you are deeply intuned with your body, possibilities are endless. I was just laying here this morning and felt exactly what you felt. No I didnt notice this early with all my children but with more than one. Be blessed on your journey to mother hood.


liz6320 - November 22

if you are in tune with your body you can feel the baby all the time.....even if its your uterus growing! Ive been feeling mine since I found out I was pregnant! I got my first big kick on the weekend at 11 weeks and last night had my 10 yr old daughter feel my tummy and felt her flip around in there too. So it is extremely possible to feel the babies! Anyone who says its too soon....is not you!! I get told that all the time...i know when shes awake and when shes not and have been able to know that for 5 weeks now. We all know what gas feels like....and it doesnt come out as little bubbles by any means!


erjenb - December 10

Thank you so much. I've been laying here for like an hour feeling little flutters and flips in my low low abdomen thinking, i swear, this feels like baby movement. It's my second pregnancy, but the first was 22 years ago, so i'm like a first time mom. I swear, i feel it even though they say i'm not supposed to!


liz6320 - December 10

22 years ago WOW!! That's pretty cool!! And yes that's how it feels!! I'm now at 13 or 14 weeks and I swear somedays if my belly was see through....she'd be waving at me!! As for people who make comments on here about how old a post is...who cares!! If its helping ppl out today or years from now...then let it!! Many forums I've looked at the posts are old!


HannahLouise - January 9

Hi Lissi, I'm 12 weeks, nearly 13 and I've been experiencing exactly what you have described. The weird vibrating/wobbling sensations started around 10 weeks for me too. Some people on here are saying it's definitely not the baby, whereas others are sure it could be. I'm going to ask my doctor about it when I see her this week. I'm definitely sure it's not trapped wind as some people have suggested as this is a sensation I have never felt before. Maybe it is just the womb expanding? I wasn't expecting to feel anything like this so early as this is my first pregnancy and everyone has been telling me that you won't usually feel anything until 16-18 weeks. It's strange and definitely exciting!


adrianasuarez - January 26

I am pregnant with my second child and after a conversation with my female and recent moms in the neighborhood, I felt as if they thought I was crazy when I told them I feel the baby at around 10 and a half weeks. I am a fertility patient and my fertility specialist confirmed that it is possible. A lot of his patients will start feeling these very mild movements as soon as 10 weeks. He thinks it may be due to how in tune a fertility woman becomes with her body, however, I have heard it from non fertility patients as well. After being attacked by my friends I sat quietly and started to think that perhaps I was crazy and did not feel anything, shortly after that I felt it!!!, so I thought, Im not crazy, that was my baby, and they may just be different. Two days after i had a sonogram and watching the baby move was a confirmation that "Im not crazy" Anyways it was great to come into this website and see that there are many other early feelers :)


ka__sey2012 - February 15

hey im 18 having my 1st baby im now 10 weeks pregnant and i was sitting down felt like a punch or kick it made me jump only happens somtimes not often but when it does makes me jump haha also theres a hight chance im having twins i find out in march but i know its not gas otherwise it would continue so its kinda exciting even though it makes me jump :) what do you think ??


aleighasmommy1990 - February 24

I was told its probly just your body shifting around making room for your growing baby . I cant wait to feel my baby move but ive been told to enjoy it while it lasts !


Proudmommy2four - April 10

This is my fourth child and yes you do feel things earlier when you are in tune to it but to be that rude and say that you don't care about your children and just being utterly rude... I can not believe anyone would say some thing like that what makes them think they are so much better than anyone else...



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