Feeling Baby While Overweight

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Rachel - May 2

I have heard that it takes longer to feel the baby if your overweight pre-pregnancy. Is this true? If your overweight, when did you first feel the baby?


Faye - May 2

I was overweight before I got pregnant and I felt my baby kick when I was 21 weeks. You may not feel it everyday at the beginning. Sometimes my baby sleeps for a couple of days before kicking the hell out of me again. I was told that regular movements come later and I shouldn't worry about it too much until I'm about 25 weeks.


No not true!!! - May 2

Everyone is making such a big deal about weight on this site. With these new weight charts, almost everyone I know is overweight. Even the doctor had made that same comment. It is more unhealthy to be underweight and to have a eatting disorder. lol.Sorry I had to get that out. It depends on the women. I felt my first pregnancy movement at 3 months and my second and third at a feww weeks. It also depends on how many times you beeen pregnant. A smaller women may not feel the baby until 4 or 5 months, if its her first pregnancy. Same for a thicker women ( big and beautiful). Good Luck and dont worry so much about your weight. Just eat right and workout. Good luck and baby Dust!!!


Jbear - May 3

I'm 5'3" and 245lbs pre-pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy, and I felt this baby move at 17 weeks. Other people could feel the baby move through my belly at 20 weeks.


Grumpy Bear - May 3

Im 5'6 and 257 right now iv'e gained 5-10lbs since getting preg im 21 weeks. i felt first flutters 19-20 weeks and i havn't felt alot this week. My hubby had yet to feel the baby move from the outside.


Niki - May 9

No that is not true. Before I got pregnancy I was 5'7 and 250lbs. I felt my baby boy move at 17 weeks. It was not a flutter... he kicked me. I never felt a fluttering. I felt kicking at 17 weeks. Now at 24 week the kicking is getting stronger everyday!


Jessie - May 9

I am 5'3 and 180, this is my first pregnancy. I am 18 weeks and have felt nothing; I am so depressed sometimes I want to cry. I just want to feel my baby and know that every thing is ok. I go in for a u/s on Thursday to find out the s_x, I am so anxious and nervous to see "freckles" (baby’s temp name) that I am getting myself totally worked up.



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