Feeling Horrible

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bridge3048 - May 3

I'm 12 weeks today and have been so so sick! The last few days though, my entire body aches, like it does when you get the flu or something. I feel like I have been run over by a truck? Does anyone else feel like this or should I go see the doc to see if there is something else wrong with me?


livdea - May 3

I'm pretty sure that is normal. Fortunately for me I didn't have to deal with ANY of that stuff, I didn't have a moment of morning sickness. But I sure was exhausted. Your body is going through SO much right now it isn't even funny. Even if you aren't being physically active your body is in over drive. I'd say get as much rest as possible, get a nice little ma__sage and eat as healthy as you can to get your energy up! Good luck girly, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!


tiffiny090180 - May 3

At 12 weeks you should be at the end of the MAJOR sickness. If you ever run a fever, or experience symptoms drastically more severe than the one's you have been having, def call the doc!!!! Have you already tried eating crackers before you lift your head in the morning, and letting them settle. Also eat something small and dry at least every two hours. The key is to never get too hungry OR too full. Stay hydrated!!! Dehydration will make you feel WAY sicker!!!!


Lynne - May 4

Anything with Ginger in it also helps with the sickness. I kept ginger snaps next to the bed and ate a few before I got up. That helped. Also a benadryl (Providing your doctor okays it) the night before helps with morning sickness.


CyndiG - May 4

I had m/s till 16 weeeks, but I was sick (the flu, colds, stomach virus etc) till just about 2 months ago! I felt like I had something constantly. I went and went to the Dr. convinced I'd given the baby something deadly, or that I had something deadly myself! But they said, get used to it sister, you're pregnant. Dr. told me that the baby takes what she needs, and I get what's left over, which lowers your immune system. But the good news is that it did stop. Hope you feel better soon!


frankschick2001 - May 8

Even though you are pregnant, this may have nothing to do with pregnancy. Could you be coming down with the flu? Allergies? Being exhausted is also common in the 1st & last trimesters, so that could be it too. At any rate, don't worry! Take care of yourself, rest, eat, drink, and be sleepy!


bridge3048 - May 9

Thanks for all the encouraging words! I did end up visiting the doc, and sure enough had a fever and some kind of virus! Feeling much better now, and morning, or in my case ALL DAY, sickness is getting much better!


frankschick2001 - May 9

BRIDGE: I am having all day morning sickness too. What week are you in? I am in week 7, and I cannot imagine feeling like this every day for the next several weeks! I am praying for an end to the m/s!!


bridge3048 - May 9

frankschick2001, hang in there. I'm in my 13th week and I am just having a little relief. I still feel a little sick on some days, but it's not every single day like it was for the past month and a half. I feel your pain! Hopefully when you hit your 12 week mark, it will start to subside. Good luck!



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