Feeling Sad Getting Hopes Up

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mrsharrisk52006 - February 6

Just wanted to know if there was anyone who feels as hopeless as I do when each month passes and no baby? Don't get me wrong...it's not that I get depressed. I just feel like ever since we've been trying, all I see are pregnant women and babies. It can get a little sad. I just wanted to see if anyone was in the same boat...just need a little moral support.


Erin_T - February 6

I know exactly how you feel! Each month comes and still no baby is so hard to accept. I am terrified that for some reason it just won't happen for me. You are not alone!


carla123 - February 7

i feel exactly the same. four people in my family are pregnant. and i suffered a miscarriage 4 months ago so its so hard cos i always think i should be that big now and feeling my baby move. i am so desperate to be pregnant again, but so sad when each month it doesnt happen. x


kvilendrer - February 7

Try not to stress yourself out over it. I know it's really hard not to. I had been charting and temping and monitoring all of that stuff. Every time I would test, I would get a bfn. Finally, about 6 months later, my husband told me to stop doing all of that stuff and just let happen what is going to happen. He told me to try and not focus on getting pregnant so much. Well, two weeks later, when I tested, I WAS PREGNANT! I believe that it happened because I relaxed. Stress can keep you from getting pregnant. So try and relax about it. Good luck


mrs.vegas - February 7

i can completely understand how all of you feel. my husband and i tried for 4 months and nothing....i saw pregnant women and babies every where, and it drove me crazy...i worried that i wouldn't be able to get pregnant this time and was very stressed! i spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests (and each one was a dissapointment) i finally decided to buy an ovulation tracker. in the same month we purchased a new home and stopped trying (i figured it would be best to wait untill we were moved in before trying again, cause the house needed and still need tons of work) well, that was the month i got pregnant! the month we stopped trying. (and bought the ovulation tests) i'm now 15 weeks. i was told that if you are stressed and worried and always thinking about it, that its harder to get pregnant. just relax and take your time. it will happen when its supposed to happen. another thing you can do is buy a ovulation tracker. the one i had came with 20 little strips and a plastic cup. every morning you pee in the cup, stick a strip in, and wait for the lines. two lines you're ovulating, one line you're not! there are all diff kinds out there. some of them are just like pregnancy test, so you don't have to pee in a cup. i was shocked when i found out i was pregnant! very excited and relieved too. most people get pregnant when they aren't trying. i know its hard, but try to relax and not think about it. when my husband and i stopped trying, i was actually relieved because i didn't have to worry every month if i was pregnant or not. now my best friend and her hubby have been trying off and on for over a year now with no luck. now she's decided to stop trying to she can finish school first. everyone is different. my sis in law got pregnant litterally the first month they tried! i was so p__sed at her!!!! if you really think you may have a problem, then you should definately bring it up to your dr. and see if he can run some tests! i wish you all the best of luck, and let me know when you do become pregnant!!! it will happen when you least expect it!!!



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