Fell Pregnant Share Pet Peeves

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EAS - February 25

I don't get it why do people say they fell pregnant? I am pregnant and I certainly didn't get this way falling. Sorry my life is in shambles and this is one of my pet peeves. Maybe we should all share pet peeves.


kel - February 25

Actually, I think that is a British term, but I could be wrong.


rose - February 26



dory - February 26

yes i have one!!! how about the cliques that are formed on this message board that only talk with and help eachother-YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !-all their inside jokes and rude comments, makes me sick!


ekay - February 26

I have a thread that I talk on daily, but we surely don't exclude anyone and welcome any newcomers. I hope that wasn't directed towards me, Beth and Lucky1. If it was sorry if we made you feel that way. My pet peeve is women getting on here, posting a question and getting SUPER b___hy when you reply with something they didn't want to hear. It is a really good thing this is not a live forum or else there would be some kitty fights. I know we are all hormonal but GEEZ!!!


klm - February 26

Well, I am tired of a lot of things, especially questions like: "I had s_x with one guy on the 5th and then I had s_x with another guy on the 8th, but then I went back to the first guy on the 12th"......Who's the father???


EAS - February 26

This is great so far I totally agree with all of you. Better yet "could I get pregnant if we only had s_x for 1 second and then he fingered me with sperm on his finger...." Ok anyway it must be the horemones. This will be our vent place.


Mari - February 26

LOL this is funny, when i was pregnant (had my baby girl 6 weeks ago) i use to also hate people that came on here saying "Im 10 and Im pregnant with my second child", I mean d__nnn whats so entertaining about that?


Ruby - February 26

To EAS. To answer your question about 'falling pregnant', that is literal translation of a french expression. "J'ai tombee enceinte" (that first 'e' in tombee should have an accent on it, I don't know how to make that work on my keyboard)


that's why - February 26

So that explains it. The French (as usual) are the morons that started it!!!


aussiegal - February 26

i have a pet peeve with my husband. i am 17wks pregnant and if i talk to him or answer him in a slighty different tone of voice or happen to raise my voice slightly cause he's annoying me for some reason or another he claims im cranky and moody....which im not for record!! its annoying the absolute c___p out of me cause i cant express my views without being accused of being cranky!! and im supposed to be the hormonal one?? go figure!!


P - February 26

How about the people who ask you if you've felt the baby move yet and you say no? They look at you with their eyes all bugged out "what do you mean you haven't felt it move yet?!?" Yeah that's a big freakin comfort people. I didn't really feel the baby move until I was about 24 weeks and I know that's a little later than normal but jeez.... Was starting to think I'd killed it.


Ashton - February 26

My pet peeve right now is that I am past due and people keep asking me "Have you had the baby yet?" or "Oh, there's no baby yet?" I want to say......does it look like I have had the baby yet? Do you see me with a baby right now?!! Sheesh!!


tiffani - February 26

To dory... While it's true there are some clicks on here, I have yet to encounter one that doesn't welcome your comments. I chat regularly on this site with a wonderful circle of women. I also offer up as much helpful advice as I can to anyone I can. I tend to favor chatting with the same group of girls simply because i've been getting to know them since last October and i'm as familiar with their situation, as they are with mine. I wouldn't call it a click, more like a friendship. You're welcome to join in anytime. :o)


P - February 26

So Ashton, you're saying you haven't had the baby yet? lo; ;)


tiffani - February 26

I get really aggravated when people ask if i'm planning to b___stfeed or if I am b___stfeeding. I feel like it's a personal question that people ask so they can judge you by your decision. It's nobody's business but mine, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone (except my doctor and my childs doctor) to ask. Soooooo rude!


P - February 26

What about when rhey ask you how much weight you've gained? I've also had people ask me if I'd planned to get pregnant(I'm single), if the father knows, if he's happy blahblahblah. Like that's any of their friggin business!!



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