Fertility Symptom

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Dawn - October 11

is a clear mucus discharge a sign that I am fertile?


Yep - October 11

Sure is...you want it to be slippery and strechy also.


Cathy - October 11

Get crackin if you want a baby, you usually have a 3 day window.


Missa - October 11

I thought it was a 5 day window. 2 days befor ovulation & 2 days after ovulation. You should be having s_x every day for 5 nights. If your bf or dh can try to make him preform more then once a day to guarantee a baby. You can also tell by other symptoms that you are ovulateing other than a clea whit stretchy discharge. If your body temp is higher then its normal temp by .04 to .08, then you are fertile, it is usualll areound 10-14 days from your first day of mestrations and some women can feel a small pian in theire hip from the area that they are ovulateing from. Good Luck to you.


Dawn - October 11

I have the slippery - stretchy egg white discharge, but my body temperature is low (98.3) - does this mean I am fertile or not fertile? I feel cold as well and my thermometer is old... i am hoping that body temperature doesn't make a huge difference.


Missa - October 12

A body temp of 98.3 to some are low but unless you have been taking your temps every morning for at least on full cycle you can not tell what your temps are. I am pregnant and my temps range, but they are always in the 98's. You could or you could not be fretile. What day are you on? ANd is your period on a normal cycle?


Beth - October 12

I have the clear mucus and a slight pain in my side(ovaries) but i came off the pill only a month ago. Do i have a good shot at ttc?


Dawn B. - October 13

Anyone have any comments?


rl - October 13

I really think we put to much thought into ttc I mean sometimes you just gotta not think about these things and it will happen our minds have alot more to do with things than we really know...now before anyone gets nasty with me I know there are phyical problems that make it harder and for those suffering for something like that I am truely sorry but if your normal/healthy and have no real issues just enjoy having s_x with your hubby/bf and let it happen and good luck....



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