Feta Cheese

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Jade - February 12

Hi. For my birthday, my sister in law took me out to a Greek style restaurant. I had some Greek salad with feta cheese in it and a couple of very small blocks of feta as well. I am about 10 weeks. Afterwards I realized that I am not supposed to eat soft cheeses. Do any of you think this will harm the baby?


Ba8y6irl - February 13

noooo, feta cheese is perfectly fine to eat, as long as its pasturized! It is against North American regulations to serve unpasturized cheeses or milks so you should be just fine! Trust me I am a feta lover and I enjoy many soft cheeses... the only soft chesses to avoid is blue veined cheeses because they are grown in mold... i.e. blue cheese, stilton, st. andre, etc... anything with mold in it is not good, and anything made of unpasturized milk is no good, but you are free to eat anything else! Feta, Goats Cheese... you name it!


Monique - February 14

My doc said NO Feta at all. I really do miss Greek salads!! lol. I'd check with my doc if I were you. You can't go back and change things, so try not to freak out too much!!


Leahp - February 14

Oh girl!!! Don't freak at all!! I don't know what these docs are telling some of you, I love feta and ate it through out the whole pregnancy, it's fine!! cheeses do have to be pasteurized in America, if you're writing from another country then you might want to check!


Ba8y6irl - February 14

I have checked it even with food and drug administration... I know my cheese!


Jade - February 14

Thanks guys. I knew I was over reacting a bit and its good to know that a little cheese shouldn't hurt.


fltjt705 - February 20

You know the saying " it only takes one time?" It only takes that one time to pick a contaminated cheese and there you go. Sure we all think that it's only a little bit but how many times have you gone to a resturaunt and deeply enjoyed your food to go home or wake up the next day with food poisoning or diarreah. All I'm saying is be carefull, Dr's and health officials dont say these things because its fun, they say them because they went to med school and there are cases of these things happening. I'm sure your fine, but do what you think is right and take what your doctor says into consideration. Thats why we go to them. Best of luck



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